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North American Junior/Young Riders Endurance Ride

FEI Regional Championship 4* & CEI 2*
July 29, 2011
Kentucky Horse Park - Lexington, Kentucky

Final Finish:
1st. Kelsey Russel on My Wild Irish Gold finish time 5:25:30 PM ****
2nd Sophia Bashir USA CEN 5:25:35
3rd Camilo Andres Villa COL 5:25: 38
4th Cassandra Roberts 5:25:59
5th Steven Hay 5:52:07
6th Forest Green 6:03
7th Linsay Bean (around 6:30) ****
8th Kyle Gibbon (around 6:30) ****

In the 4-star it's

Gold Kelsey Russel
Silver Linsay Bean
Bronze Kyle Gibbon

Team USA Takes Double Golds in First-Ever North American Young Rider Endurance Championship at the 2011 Adequan/FEI North American

Endurance photo finish on a hot Kentucky summer day. Photo: SusanJStickle.com


RELEASE: July 30, 2011

Lexington, KY - For first time in the event's history, the Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North played host to the North American Young Rider Endurance Championship. The competition included both CEI2* and CEI4* divisions which were completed yesterday, and team medals were presented today in both divisions.


In the CEI4* divisions, Team USA took home the Gold medal after accruing a collective ride time of 25 hours, 25 minutes, and 31 seconds. The team was made up of Lindsay Bean and Tektonic, Devan Horn and DJB Sameill, Kyle Gibbon and Missu Koran, and Kelsey Russell and My Wild Irish Gold, who successfully negotiated the 75-mile track despite the intense heat and humidity of the Kentucky summer.

Individually in the CEI4*, Russell took home the Gold, Bean the Silver, and Gibbon the Bronze.

"I just took it slow and easy," Florida-resident Russell said. "I tried to let the horse pace themselves because they're good at knowing how fast they can go.

"They were really nice trails, really well marked," she said, adding that although the grass was "a little slippery," she used a combination of Renegade boots and mud nails to gain traction.

Russell was able to preserve "Irish" well throughout the course and by the end, the horse still had enough steam to give Russell a memorable finish: "We trotted all the way until the last turn and then cantered around the last turn. There were horses behind us, and the horses just wanted to race, so we let them."

Bean, who hails from Maine, said the terrain at the Kentucky Horse Park was different than the mountainous ones she's used to riding on at home, but due to warm summer weather, she was glad for the change: "It was really hot, so the harder terrain would have made it difficult."

She also explained that leading up to the 75-mile ride, she used other competitive rides to prepare, as well as lots of walking and hill work in warm temperatures to build up Tektonic's endurance.

The rolling hills of Kentucky were also a change of scenery for Vermont-resident Gibbon, but he enjoyed his ride through the Bluegrass.

"It was a really pretty course...nice scenery," he said. "[The track] was really well marked; there was no way to make a wrong turn. That gives you a lot of confidence for the course."

Gibbon said in preparation for the NAJYRC, he and Missu Koran have been competing on a regular basis and did a few 100-mile rides, but interspersed adequate rest and some interval training for a rounding training program.

Also in the CEI4* division, Tektonic received the Best Conditioned Horse Award, which was decided earlier this morning.


In the CEI2* class, the Team Gold medal was awarded to Team USA Northeast A, whose collective ride time totaled 25 hours, 40 minutes, and 57 seconds. Team members included Bean and Tektonic, Gibbon and Missu Koran, Forest Green and LR Amana Tabi, and Steven Hay and Khalil Asam.

"[The track] was easy to follow," Hay said. "The heat was a big deal. It required smart riding."

The Team Silver was awarded to Team USA Southeast with a collective ride time of 25 hours, 49 minutes, and 19 seconds. Riders included Russell and My Wild Irish Gold, Mallory Capps and Precious Beaunita, Mary Kathryn Clark and DA Al Capone, and Cassandra Roberts and SA

Capps said that the heat influenced how the competitors cooled their horses out after each loop, and also the pace at which the ride was completed.

"We did lots of electrolyting and lots of ice water," she explained. "People took it slow. Usually we have faster times but we had a lot of people go slow."

Unfortunately for Capps, the heat was too much to handle: "The ride was too hard for me and the horse, but the one loop was nice. It was out in the sun and you just get pounded with heat all day long."

Conversely, Roberts said that her horse handled the heat well and that she enjoyed riding the well-marked trails.

Finally, Clark said she used a heart monitor during the ride to keep close tabs on her horse's heart rate. She also said, like many other competitors in the ride, she used a cell phone to keep in touch with her crew during her ride.

"I used a Bluetooth headset," she explained, adding that her crew called regularly "to check in, see how the horse is doing, and know what they have to have ready" for when she arrived from a loop. She also said she kept in touch with the team veterinarian throughout the ride and updated them on Al Capone's condition.

"That helped a lot," she said.

Individually in the CEI2*, the Gold medal was awarded to Sophia Bashir from Team USA Central and Dazed and Amazed, the Silver was presented to Roberts, and the Bronze to Hay.

Bashir, a Texas native, travelled to Virginia to train with Dazed and Amazed with lots of "fast walking in mountains and hills and intervals." Additionally, she was pleased with how her horse handled the heat.

"He handled the heat well," she said. "The first loop was better because it was cooler. We started slowing down throughout the day. I tried to keep a consistent pace and that seemed to help us out."

Bashir added that this competition was her first 75-mile ride, and that while she isn't sure what she'll do next, she'd like to continue and try a 100-mile ride.

Sir Valient, who represented Colombia in partnership with Camilo Andres-Villa, received the Best Conditioned Horse Award in the CEI2* division.

Hourly updates by Angie McGhee HERE


Zone Team Entries HERE

Riders from USA Central, Southeast, Northeast, Mountain, Pacific South and Canada; foreign riders from Spain, Germany, Mexico and Colombia

Team Mexico!

Photos by Brooke Didonato - Kentucky.com

NAJYRC Stars on the Rise at the Kentucky Horse Park


Release: July 26 2011
Author: Brian Sosby

Lexington, KY - It's "all hands on deck" as the final touches are being made and the horses and riders are arriving at the Kentucky Horse Park for what has become a celebrated annual event - the Adequan/FEI North American Junior & Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North. And for the 2011 competition, there are some exciting additions to this highly-regarded series of international championships.

In addition to championships being contested in dressage, eventing, and show jumping, for the first time at the NAJYRC, the discipline of endurance will contest a CEI4* 100-mile championship race (a CEI2* 75-mile, non-championship race will also be run concurrently). Additionally, reining, which joined the championships in 2008 for the first time, will have two divisions for the first time in 2011. Non-championship events will also take place in the form of a vaulting demonstration during the Opening Ceremonies and a pair of para-dressage freestyles prior to the dressage freestyle championships on Saturday.

In all, some 250 riders spanning six countries have made the pilgrimage to the Kentucky Horse Park to battle for medals. Among them include:

•174 riders from the U.S. (57 dressage, 19 endurance, 39 eventing, 52 jumping, 7 reining)
•59 riders from Canada (21 dressage, 3 endurance, 9 eventing, 12 jumping, 14 reining)
•10 riders from Mexico (3 endurance, 3 jumping, 4 reining)
•2 riders from Columbia (endurance)
•1 rider from Germany (endurance)
•1 rider from Spain (endurance)

Endurance - CEI2*
U.S. Central (Sophie Bashir, McKinzie Flanagan, Kelsey Kimbler, and McCamey Kimbler)
U.S. Northeast (Meghan Delp, Katherine Gardener, Forest Green, Steven Hay, Liz Morgan, and Alayna Wagner)
U.S. Pacific South (Frances Chase-Dunn)
U.S. Southeast (Mallory Capps and Cassandra Roberts)
Canada (Jessica Yavis and Emma Webb)
Columbia (Francisco Quintana Barrera and Camilo Andres Villa)
Germany (Pauline Wadewitz)
Mexico (Mariana Meixueiro Guzman, Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier, and Christopher Ugarte)
Spain (Maira Capdevila de Chopitea)

Endurance - CEI4*
U.S. Central (Devan Horn)
U.S. Mountain (Jessica DiCamillo)
U.S. Northeast (Kyle Gibbon and Lindsay Bean)
U.S. Southeast (Mary Kathryn Clark and Kelsey Russell)
Canada (Lee Hutten)

NAJYRC: Canadian Endurance Riders Set to Compete


July 25 2011

Endurance Canada is pleased to announce the riders representing Canada at the 2011 Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Riders Championships. Presented by Gotham North, these Championships will be held July 27–31 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. Riders will compete for top honours in two divisions—NAJYRC-CH 4* FEI Championship, where horses must be eight-years-old or older and the CEIJY 2* Championship, where horses must be six-years-old or older. All riders must be qualified to enter a CEI2*

Lee Hutton of Chesterville, ON, riding I Bee Jazzin, her own 10-year-old Anglo Arabian mare, will compete in the NAJYRC-CH 4* FEI Championship race.

Competing in the CEIJY 2* Championship race is Jessica Yavis of Winfield, AB, riding Kit, a 10-year-old Arabian cross gelding owned by Jaye Yavis, and Emma Webb of Flesherton, ON, who will ride Nancy Beacon’s CWM Felen Zillary, a seven-year-old Arabian cross gelding.

All three riders will also compete together in the team competition as all 4* entries will be considered entered in the 2*, and eligible to be on 2* teams and win 2* awards.

July 28, 2011 - Jog
July 29, 2011 - Race day
July 30, 2011 - Endurance Team Medals and Best Conditioned Horse

The North American Junior/Young Riders’ Championships are held annually under the rules of the Federation Equestre Internationale—the international governing body for equestrian sport. The 2011 competition hosts the Olympic disciplines of eventing, dressage and show jumping as well as FEI disciplines of reining and endurance. Many of the world’s top event riders, including many Olympic gold medalists, began their careers at the NAJYRC.

Devan Horn


7/19/2011 By: Devan Horn

My name is Devan Horn, and I am an 18-year-old Endurance competitor from Kingwood, Texas. This will be my third year competing in the Young Rider Endurance event held annually in July, but as this is the first time we’ve been welcomed into the official Championship FEI event, this year is certainly special! I’m helped along this path by my loving parents, (Mom who pays, Dad who crews!), my friends, and my mentor, boss, and friend Darolyn Butler-who’s amazing horses I ride in all of my competitions. DJB Sameil and I have definitely worked hard to get here, and are looking forward to proving ourselves, and our sport, worthy of notice!

To qualify for the Endurance 4 Star event, my horse and I had to meet the standard age criteria, and qualify through other FEI competitions. We both had to have 3 events ranked 2 star or higher, and for endurance riders, that means a lot of miles! Endurance riders at this competition will have at least 200 competitive miles to their names, and many of us have a lot more.