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Race-time Updates by Angie McGhee

7:26 AM:
Just received an update from Jan Stevens. All horses have made it through gate 1. There were 3 pulls at the 19 mile first check, number  87 Maria Capdevila De Chopitea who was riding Valarie Kanavy's Reach for the Gold. Sounds like one of those start of the ride tie ups on trail. 70 Katherine Gardener NE region on Val's horse LM Parys, and 81 Francisco Quintana Barrera Columbia on BHF Flash Back owned by TJ Vore.

Weather at 9 AM in Lexington is 78 degrees, humidity 77 for combined total of 156. Forecasted temps have dropped a bit from 90s to upper 80's but humidity will stay around 65%...so if it tops out at 89 that's a combined 154 which is at least better than the 161 they'd predicted earlier. Either way, it's going to be a very sunny, muggy day. They have added a bit of a breeze 10-15 mph which may help but it's going to feel like a hair dryer blowing your face.

 I typed in a few names but it will be old news if I don't send it on. Having to take dictation over the phone but I have pasted a roster at the bottom of the page.

83 8:41:01  Pauline Wadewitz, Germany  Spectacular Gold (owned by Val)
67 8:44:30 Kelsey Kimbler USA Central region Motyf
94 8:44:50 Kelsey Russel USA My Wild Irish Gold (Val's )
73 8:48:47 Liz Moran on Hadban owned by Jeremy Olson
77 8:49:05  Cassandra Roberts
65 8:51:16 Sophia Bashir
71 8:51:50 Forest Green
66 8:53:07
75 8:53:55
91 8:54:08
82 8:54:21
90 8:54:53
68 8:57:09
89 8:59:14
69 8:59:07
93 9:01:05
92 9:04:54
81 9:05:40
80 9:08:13
84 9:09:40
85 9:09:40
86 9:09:40
80 9:08:13
74 9:12:52
79 9:21:16
78 9:32:22
76 9:32:23

pull 87
pull 70
pull 81

8:15 AM:
Report from 1/2 way through loop 2 is that Kelsey Kimbler has taken the lead.

Loop lengths:


8:51 AM:
In sec. VC. 67, 94, 65, 92, 83, 75, 90, 82, 71, 90.

9 AM
Call came in at 11 AM Leaders are in. It's Kelsey Kimbler & Kelsey Russel. Kimbler is riding Motyf owned by Eryn Rapp

Russel is riding My Wild Irish Gold owned by Valarie Kanavy. Irish is a maternal half sister to Spectacular Gold. He looks more TB but is a purebred. Irish is Anglo. They've been 38 miles so far.

11:19 AM:
The horses have been 38 miles and are heading out for another 17 mile loop. Here are the standings after gate 2. Word is there have been lots of re-presents. Kelsey Kimbler who was a leader is pulled. It's HOT and they have to walk around 100' before the pulse it taken so that may contribute. (I'm just imagining this, didn't get much from there other than a description. Apparently they are crewing under their easy up tents, walking 50' to the P&R in timer, then another 60' or so to the P&R which is then in the shade if I listened correctly.) I have put **** after the riders names who are in the main event 4-star.

94 11:34:56 Kelsey Russel USA SE ****
91 11:41:39 Jessica DiCamillo USA MTN ****
82 11:41:53 Camillo Andres Villa COL
83 11:42:00 Pauline Wadewitz GER
90 11:43:38 Devan Horn USA Cen ****
65 11:46:59 Sophia Bashir USA Cen
71 11: 47:28 Forest Green USA NE
72 11:49:43 Steven Hay USA NE
75 11:50:57 Frances Chase Dunn USA PS
66 11:51:25 McKenzie Flanagan on Guesswhozgotitall (the owners are switched on the earlier list. Eryn Rapp owns this horse and John Crandall III owns Motyf unlike what I reported earlier

74 11:52:00 Alayne Wagner USA NE
77 11:52:38 Cassandra Roberts USA SE
68 12:04:23 McCamey Kimbler USA Cen
89 12:09:28 Lee Hutten CAN ****
93 12:12:00 Lindsay Bean USA NE ****
92 12:12:14 Kyle Gibbon USA NE ****
80 12:38:00 Emma Webb CAN
79 1:05:18 Jessica Yavis CAN
78 1:05:18 Mary Kathryn Clark USA SE
84 1:22:10 Mariana Meixueiro Guzman MEX
85 1:22:10 Mendoza Gagnier Gabriel MEX
86 1:22:10 Christopher Ugarte Sierra MEX These three horses are Jan Worthington/Grace Ramsey horses apparently riding together

Pull 70 Katherine Gardener USA NE
76 Mallory Capps SE
81 Francisco Quintana Barrera COL
87 Maria Capdevila De Chopitea ESP
69 lame Meghan Delp NE
67 Kelsey Kimbler USA Cen
73 Liz Moran USA NE

Took a while to come down. Lots representing. Walking about 60' to P&R another 50' to the vet

1:07 PM:
Not everyone is in.

94 14:30:14 Kelsey Russel SE USA
83 14:32:17 Pauline Wadewitz GER
65 14:34:03 Sophia Bashir USA CEN
82 14:35:52 Camilo Andres Villa COL
66 14:35:52 McKinzie Flanagan CEN USA
91 14:35:52 Jessica Dicamillo USA Mtn
77 14:35:52 Cassandra Roberts USA SE
72 14;38:46 Steven Hay USA NE
71 14:46:42 Forest Green USA NE
68 15:06:44 McCamey Kimbler USA CEN
74 15:09:22 Alayna Wagner USA NE
75 15:11:07 Frances Chase-Dunn USA PS
89 15:14:00 Lee Hutten CAN
93 15:15:18 Lindsay Bean USA NE
92 15:16:04 Kyle Gibbon USA NE

90 Devan Horn USA CEN pulled

Val's 2 in the front. Big pack just behind. Top 8 within 5 min.

106* in center of timer's table by outgate. Very little breeze.

Molly Krumlaw-Smith is the timer and called me with the info.

1:20 PM:
the standings in the 4 Star event so far:

94 14:30:14 Kelsey Russel SE USA ****
91 14:35:52 Jessica Dicamillo USA Mtn ****
89 15:14:00 Lee Hutten CAN****
93 15:15:18 Lindsay Bean USA NE****
92 15:16:04 Kyle Gibbon USA NE ****

90 Devan Horn **** USA CEN pulled

3:17 PM:
Gate 4

Standings for the 4-Star main event:

16:28:10 Kelsey Russel
17:15:25 Lindsay Bean
17:15:41 Kyle Gibbon

They're out on the last loop and Kelsey & My Wild Irish Rose have a huge lead if they're just going for the 4-star gold and could coast in...however, if they go for the WIN overall, there could easily be 3 or 4 horses racing in in the heat...and they have 20 min. to make pulse and only one try or DQ. Interesting dilemma.

Overall standings including 2-Star and 4-star competitors

94 16:28:10 Kelsey Russel ****
83 16:28:25 Pauline Wadewitz GER
82 16:28:23 Camilo Andres Villa COL
65 16:31:14 Sophia Bashir USA CEN
77 16:33:41 Cassandra Roberts USA SE
72 16:41:00 Steven Hay USA NE
71 16:03:27 Forest Green USA NE
93 17:15:25 Lindsay Bean USA NE ****
92 17:15:41Kyle Gibbon USA NE ****
74 17:23:58 Alayna Wagner USA NE
68 17:27:35 McCamey Kimbler USA CEN

pull 91 Jessica DiCamillo MTN USA and 66 McKinzie Flanagan CEN USA

3:23 PM:
The rest of Gate 3

79 16:36:29 Jessica Yavis CAN
78 16:26:54 Mary Kathryn Clark USA SE
84 16:49:40 Mariana Meixueiro Guzman MEX
85 16:49:40 Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier MEX

Pulls: 90 Devan Horn
89 Lee Hutten CAN
80 Emma Webb CAN
86 Christopher Ugarte Sierra MEX

3:41 PM:
NAYRER Ponderings while waiting for winners:

If Kelsey Russel coast in on My Wild Irish Gold looks like she'll have the individual gold in the 4-star event. If she and the other two SE riders all complete SE could pull team silver but they can't risk losing another rider since they have to finish 3. She's led all day and will risk not completing to go fast enough to win the overall....at an AERC ride she'd definitely go for the overall win....but there's always all those other things to consider in FEI....I'm betting Val will be Val and tell her to win it. >g<

Lindsay and Kyle have been traveling together all day. Lindsay is riding Kathy Brunjes horse Tektonic, who I believe was in the lead on the last leg at last year's NAYRER when he pulled a shoe and didn't get his FEI completion. Kyle is riding Steve Rojek's horse Missu Koran (Kyle is that horse's regular rider). I'm betting they won't risk racing. I hope they flip a coin because Kyle is so nice and polite he'll lose his chance at a silver for being such a gentleman. >g<

The NE has 5 horses still going close to the pace so should win the team gold. Don't think any team except NE and SE are still in the running with 3 riders for the team medals.

Those are just my ponderings. I may be way out of the loop but it's stuff to think about while we wait.

If anybody gets to racing that last loop there will be lots of people holding their breath waiting for the fat lady to sing at the P&R's!


4:21 PM:
Kelsey Russel on My Wild Irish Gold owned by Valarie Kanavy won the overall and 4-star

Spectacular Gold, (Irish's brother) was pulled at the finish line. Getting details...

>>>>>>The method that Angie M used is for determining the HSI, heat stressindex. Below 120 safe, 120-150 be careful, above 150 and there is muchgreater risk to the horse.

Yes, if you look at those 2 numbers, then check the UV index (I'm guessing that's how much direct sunlight?) I figure that gives you a pretty good idea what they're dealing with.

Right now the heat index is 98...but 98 here and 98 in Arizona feels totally different. The temp is 90, the humidity is 57 so 147 is the total...so actually if you only look at those 2 numbers it looks as if it would be better now that when they started this morning, that doesn't factor in the direct sunlight though and I can tell you that is a BIGGY right now! I went for a 4 mile walk early this morning. Temps + humidity was higher then than now but you couldn't pay me to go do it in direct sunlight right now. I'd drop.

I specifically asked if they were crewing under the big trees because I have done the Pyramid Challenge on that sight when they had us in the infield of the steeplechase track and the huge trees threw really cool shade. No, they're out in sun with tents. That's not nearly as good.

Remember, they have 2 strikes you're out. If their pulse goes up twice they're DQ'd. At the end they have ONE chance and only 20 min. to present. (Rules that I think PROVE Sadists run USEF) Another thing to consider at this ride that works against you is that it's a small field. Chances are good your horse may have to walk 100' to the P&R alone. No horse is allowed to hang around to be your horse's buddy. A jump of one beat because he's taken so far from the others can kill. You may want to wait a while to present but then if that's going to make you be alone you may be tempted to go with the group to gamble.


8:11 PM:
More finishers: Kyle & Lindsay's finish time was 6:15 PM

68 MCamey Kimbler USA Cen 6:40:50
74Alayna Wagner USA NE 6:40:51
78 Mary Kathryn Clark 7:27:50

Three riders still out. Just leaving on last 10 mile loop at approx. 8:00 They have till 9:30 to complete

Jessica Yavis CAN
Mariana Meixueo Guzman MEX
Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier

8:49 PM:
Last three finished the course so the final completion numbers were 14 finished out of 29 starters

The timer had already turned in the books but it was:

79 Jessica Yavis CAN
84 Mariana Meixueiro Guzman MEX
85 Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier MEX

All she could say was that Jessica finished 30 or 40 min. before the last two. BC judging is in the morning.

Interesting note from Kelsey Kimbler's mom. She posted it on facebook and I have permission to share:

Just an update on kelsey's NAJYRC horse motyf...after the pull John (Crandell the owner) had blood drawn and took it across the street to an equine med lab. All his levels we perfect except his white blood cell count was high indicating that he had an infection. He did lead the 1st and second loops before being pulled. He is on antibiotics and is looking and feeling great.


Final Finish:
1st. Kelsey Russel on My Wild Irish Gold finish time 5:25:30 PM ****
2nd Sophia Bashir USA CEN 5:25:35
3rd Camilo Andres Villa COL 5:25: 38
4th Cassandra Roberts 5:25:59
5th Steven Hay 5:52:07
6th Forest Green 6:03
7th Linsay Bean (around 6:30) ****
8th Kyle Gibbon (around 6:30) ****

In the 4-star it's

Gold Kelsey Russel
Silver Linsay Bean
Bronze Kyle Gibbon

Spectacular Gold ridden by Pauline Wadewitz GER pulled at finish.

As of right now I believe 16 out of the original 30 have been pulled.

Word was they did race in. (the top 5) all came around the curve in a pack and ran for it.