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Videos by Franklin Clay Films (wxyzvideos.com):

Fort Howes 2009 Enduance Rides - Part 1/3 - Pre-ride - horses and riders arrive (9 minutes)

Fort Howes 2009 Enduance Rides - Part 2/3 - Saturday - 35, 50, and 75 mile rides (10 minutes)

Fort Howes 2009 Enduance Rides - Part 3/3 - Sunday - 55 and 100 mile rides (10 minutes)

2009 Fort Howes
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Fort Howes
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Fort Howes
Images by Merri Melde

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2011 Fort Howes

Photos by Fritz Harshberger

Darolyn Butler in the 100

Ceci Butler-Stasiuk, 75-mile winner

Valerie Kanavy, 100-mile winner

Meg Sleeper, 50 Mile winner

Heather Reynolds

Cici Butler-Stasiuk's Helmet Cam, Video by Fritz Harshbarger

Fort Howes 2011 - a snap shot, Video by Fritz Harshbarger

Whew! What a weekend! Beautiful weather (with the exception of the 'little' thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon/evening) - trails were loaded with flowers and feed - Riders were WONDERFUL! Volunteers were OUT OF THIS WORLD! Line judges were BUSY! Treatment Vet was BORED! Food was FANTASTIC!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who traveled near and far to ride, volunteer, feed, and judge!

Bill and Jan Stevens


35 Mile Ride - Walter Benhardus on Howard's Midnight Thunder
50 Mile Ride - Meg SLeeper on Syrocco Harmony - 4:38
75 Mile Ride - Ceci Butler-Stasiuk

55 Mile Ride - Ellen Rapp - 5:27.59
55 Mile CEIJY1* - Kelsey Kimbler and HV Cimmarons Goliath - 5:28.03
100 Mile Ride - Valerie Kanavy on Reach For The Gold

Complete Results here

Fort Howes - Heather Reynolds

Reynolds Racing Blog

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We left for Ft Howes on Monday morning at 5 am. The four horses we took were Stirgess, Turbo, Bey and Kutt. Bey was a late edition as Tevis was postponed and Bey was primed for a 100 mile attempt.

We drove about 20 mins before we lost a trailer tire. Damn! Any how we were able to get that changed pretty quickly but our spare , the one that came with the trailer, looked a bit haggard. We decided to drive until we would be in an area around the time of morning that businesses open and then find a tire place. We found a Les Schwab near Elk Grove. It was just our luck that there was a Starbucks in the parking lot next door. We hung out and were on the road in no time.

The rest of our drive was uneventful to Wells NV where we unloaded the horses into a large arena. The trailer lights decided to not work all of the sudden so Jeremy got on his bike and rode to a gas station to get some fuses. After inspecting it Jeremy found the spot that was shorting out and fixed it and replaced the fuse. We then tried to take a little nap. Jeremy's last words before laying his head on his pillow were,"If I can't fall asleep in an hour we are going to start driving again."

I had almost fallen asleep when Jeremy announced he could not sleep and we were leaving. It had been 20 mins!!! Crazy crack-head driver. I fell asleep shortly after we started driving. It was raining really hard. A couple of times we had to pull over to mess with the trailer lights, Jeremy was able to make them work and away we would go.

I woke up around 5 am, we were in Idaho somewhere. Jeremy handed me a coffee and told me to start waking up as he was "done". I woke up and started my driving about an hour later. Jeremy hit the hay and I drove for the next 4 hours.

Sometime around 2 pm we made it to Ft Howes. Hurrayy!! It was already better than last year as we left home with 4 horses and arrived at the ride with 4 horses.

There were a few rigs already there. We parked next to Valerie and set up camp. The horses all looked fine. Later we went for a walking ride...

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