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City of Rocks - Idaho Parks & Rec

City of Rocks - NPS

City of Rocks National Reserve
Images by Merri Melde
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Merri Melde Stories:

2012 stories:

Pack It Like You Mean It
The Other Fun Stuff! Video
Circle Creek High Trail Video
Salt Lake Cutoff/Emigrant Trail

Karen Bumgarner Stories:

2012 stories:

City of Rocks: We are here!!!!
City of Rocks - Family Day
City of Rocks - Castle Rocks
Rockin the City of Rocks

Finally a real endurance rider! - Jillane Baros

City of Rocks 2012 - 200 Miles in Idaho! - Karen Chaton

Merri Melde Stories:

2011 stories:

City of Rocks
Exploring Trails: The Albion Mountains
Endurance Ride Fever
Exploring City of Rocks: The High Trail
City of Rocks: Emigrant Canyon
City of Rocks: It's Official!
Gold in Them Thar Hills