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2009 Foxcatcher - 25 miles, 50 miles, Ride N' Tie

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Photos by www.ellenpons.com

25 Miles
1. Rita Swift and WP Front and Sinter
2. Mary Catherine Lawrence and Prophecy's Legend
3. Keith Nowlin and Hammerin Hank

50 Miles
1. Tracy Reynolds and TEF Navigator
2. Danielle Duffy and All Tu Kook
3. Emily Matthews and Spiced Tee

25 Mile Ride N Tie
1. Trader/Joyce Team and Tater
2. Broaddus/Newcomb Team and TF RFed McIntosh
3. Anderson & Jones Team and Tidbit
10 Mile Ride and Tie
1. Heffelfinger/Moore Team and Nala


We had excellent weather and great turnout.

80 riders started the 25 mile LD. Rita Swift and WP Front and Sinter won the ride with a ride time of 2:33. 64 riders finished the ride.

64 riders started the 50 mile ride. 55 riders finished. Best Condition went to Emily Matthews' horse Spiced Tee. The ride was won by Tracy Reynolds and TEF Navigator, with a ride time of 4:49:30.

We had three ride and tie teams in the 25 mile distance, and one team in the 10 mile distance. The 25 mile was won by the Trader/Joyce team.

We also had 25 runners compete in a 50K trail run, at the same time as the endurance ride.

It was a great day in Maryland! Thanks so much to all who participated.

Fair Hill International
Alissa Norman

Photos by Ellen Pons