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Arabian Nights - Oreana, Idaho

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2004 Arabian Nights
Images by Caroll Gatelier
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2005 Arabian Nights

100 Miles
1. Danielle McGunigal - Flash Flame - 9:08 - **BC**
2. Karen Kroon - Rokket - 9:22
3. Joyce Sousa - LV Integrity - 9:52
4. Sue Hedgecock - AA Montego - 9:52
5. Dennis Summers - Desert Moondancer - 10:31

Full Results

50 Miles
1. Lynn Nicholson - MN Khourusen - 5:06
2. Sky Carrithers - Indiana Jones - 5:09
3. Gregory Smetek - 5:49
4. Martha McMurray - LJ Owyhee Cedar - 6:03
5. Mike McMurray - Crona Prince - 6:27

Full Results

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A Premier 100 Mile Endurance Event

Located in the desert country of Southwest Idaho, nestled at the foot of the Owyhee Mountains, the ride will offer excellent trails and stunning views of the desert, the mountains and the Snake River canyon.

Base camp is located at our ranch outside of Oreana, Idaho. We will provide many amenities including Gourmet meals and happy-hour refreshment, hot showers, a shaded yard for socializing, and internet (wireless or web) access for those that need it. We also have portable corral pens for your horses if you wish (please reserve in advance, free of charge).

The event is being sponsored by the Emirates International Endurance Village, in their continuing effort to promote and support Endurance world-wide. Representatives from the EIEV will be at the event and hope to share their vision and their culture with all who attend.

AERC Pre-Registration is requested by August 14. (cancellations will be fully refunded). FEI entry closing date is August 16.

All AERC entries include:

  • Thursday Night Early Arrival Dinner – Rider and Guests
  • Friday Night Dinner – Rider and Guests
  • Ride Day: snacks and refreshments
  • Awards Breakfast – Sunday Morning
  • Corral pen (free of charge, but reservation needed)
    *Meals prepared by Gourmet Chef Bill Basham*


    Arrival at Basecamp:
    You are welcome to come as early as you wish, there are many interesting things to do and see in this historic area of the pioneer West. Just call and let us know!
    Thursday, August 26
    Basecamp and FEI Stabling are formally open.
    6:00 PM - Welcome dinner and refreshment (Bill the Gourmet Chef will be cooking)
    Friday, August 27
    11:00 AM - driving preview of the first loop is available - signup requested (it will be dark for most of the first loop)
    1:00 - 4:00 PM - Registration
    4:00 - 6:00 PM - Inspection and Examination for all open AERC riders, and all FEI horses and riders.
    6:30 - Pre-ride briefing for AERC and FEI riders
    7:30 - Pre-ride Dinner (Bill's Best) and refreshments
    Saturday, August 28
    5:00 AM - Course is open, 24 hours to complete the competition
    Food and refreshments available all day
    Sunday, August 29
    5:00 AM - Course is closed
    8:00 - 9:00 AM - Breakfast
    8:30 - Best Condition Judging
    9:30 AM - Awards Ceremony

  • The Course will have flat and moderately rolling trails and jeep roads. Special features include sections of the Oregon Trail, and along the Snake River canyon. Footing is generally very good, with some sandy sections, and a few rocky stretches. This will be a fast course, and it will probably be hot (average daytime highs in the mid to upper 80's), dry and sunny. We will have plenty of water on the course. There will be two holds out of camp. We will have food and water for riders and support crew and some tents for shade. But you may want to set up extra shade for you and your horse at the vet check.

    *note: There will be a full moon Saturday night. If you do not want to ride during the heat of the day, you can always relax during the afternoon and resume the ride in the evening - the full moon in the desert can be a wonderful experience. You will have 24 hours to finish the course, it is not a difficult course.

    There will be six course phases. *
    Phase 1 will be a 20 mile loop returning to base camp. You will start at 5:AM, in the dark. Sunrise is at 7:05, civil twilight begins at 6:35, you will be riding most of this loop in the dark. Footing is good, mostly along dirt roads and jeep tracks. We will have glosticks on the course. You may pre-drive this loop Friday morning (see Event Schedule).
    Phase 2 will be a 17 mile leg, some sand, mostly good footing, with a hold at the vet check out of camp.
    Phase 3 is a 20 mile loop returning back to the out vet check. This will have mostly good footing, some sandy wash, and a few minimally rocky sections. You will drop down into the Snake River at two points along this beautiful section of trail.
    Phase 4 is a 15 mile leg returning to camp. Some sand, some gravel road, some rocky trail.
    Phase 5 is a 15 mile loop out of camp. Some jeep track, some dirt road, a little rocky trail.
    Phase 6 is a 13 mile loop out of camp, mostly jeep track, and dirt and gravel road.
    * exact mileages may be subject to change

    There will be ample water at basecamp for horses, riders and rigs. There will also be an accessible RV septic dump. We will provide straw for horse bedding if desired, and will provide grass and alfalfa hay during the ride at both vet locations.

    Directions: - You can search MapQuest for Oreana, ID - zipcode 83650 - for complete travel directions and then contact us for the best (local) routes.

  • From I-84 West (Oregon, north) take exit 35 (Nampa Blvd, Hwy 55, Marsing), turn south off ramp onto Nampa Blvd. (towards Nampa). Turn left on 3rd St. and then follow signs to Hwy 45 to Murphy and Silver City. Turn south onto Hwy 45 (12th) and continue through Nampa to the Snake River. Hwy 45 becomes Hwy 78 after crossing the Snake River. Go LEFT/West on Hwy 78 towards Murphy and Grandview. Turn right on Oreana Loop Rd. (past mile marker 42) Take first right after trailer houses onto gravel road (about 1.5 mi. from turnoff onto Oreana Loop Rd) Continue 4.5 miles to camp.
  • From I-84 East (Utah/Wyoming) Take Exit 112 at Hammett. Follow signs to Hwy 78 West, towards Bruneau and Grandview. Continue west on 78 past Bruneau and Grandview (approx 50 miles), turn Left (south) onto paved road, just past mile marker 43. Take first right after trailer houses onto gravel road (about 1.5 mi. from turnoff onto Oreana Loop Rd) Continue 4.5 miles to camp.
  • From Hwy 95 (Nevada, California, south) Turn right (East) off of 95 to Marsing (Hwy 55) Follow signs to Hwy 78 (to Murphy). Follow 78 east along the Snake River, past Murphy. Turn right on Oreana Loop Rd. (past mile marker 42) Take first right after trailer houses onto gravel road (about 1.5 mi. from turnoff onto Oreana Loop Rd) Continue 4.5 miles to camp.