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2017 Budheib Initiative Worldwide Conference
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Boudheib Initiative Endurance - "Driving the Future of Endurance Riding"

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UAE: Boudheib Academy Students Advancing

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December 15 2017

Last year's novice riders participated this morning in their first 40km endurance qualifier at the Boudheib International Endurance Village (BIEV) as part of today's events, which also includes the CEI**120km International Prestige Ride. Having only started riding lessons last year, the young students have come a very long way and now frequently compete in showjumping, dressage & tent-pegging competitions.

Today for the first time, 16 of them advanced from the 10 & 20km beginners endurance rides to take part in the open 40km qualifier. It was a pleasure to watch them caring for their horses, regularly stopping at water points along the 2 loops and taking charge at the vet inspection area. These are the UAE endurance riders of the future, so good basic horsemanship skills and welfare understanding of the horse are essential lessons that are being taught. This afternoon the next group of younger novice Boudheib Academy riders will participate in a 10km ride over 2 loops.

The Boudheib Initiative is definitely Driving the Future of Endurance at all levels!

Congratulations to Kieran Treacy, the Boudheib Academy Manager, on a great job and to the students taking part.

UAE: Boudheib Endurance Season Opener Puts the Welfare of the Horse First

HorseReporter.com - Full Article

by Pamela Burton

The Boudheib Initiative - Driving the Future of Endurance

26 November 2017, Boudheib, UAE ~ The first event of the 2017-2018 endurance season incorporating the Boudheib Initiative got underway at the Boudheib International Endurance Village outside of Abu Dhabi from 23-24 November 2017 with over 101 horses starting in the day one, 120km Open CEI** Al Ain Endurance Cup.

The idea to take back endurance and guard the welfare of the horse by reducing speeds to limit injuries on the endurance tracks is called the Boudheib Initiative and is sponsored enthusiastically by His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nayhan. The Boudheib endurance track features stretches of natural desert that work best if taken at the speeds recommended.

The two-day November program also included: 40km CEN & 80km CEN qualifiers, 80km CEI*, 120km JYR** & a 120 CEI**, and an 10km special introductory ride for young riders on Friday 24th...

Read more here:

Morocco & the Boudheib Initiative making history!

Clean Endurance

October 8 2017

This weekend saw the latest International Boudheib Initiative (BI) sponsored endurance event in Morocco's outstanding cedar forest of the Middle Atlas area of Ifran, and for the first time in Moroccan history, the first FEI CEI 1* 80km ride was held together with the BECA award for best condition. For the 2nd year since inception, His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan is delighted to encourage education of the 'welfare of the endurance horse' through BI ground breaking events worldwide and takes great pride in aiding development of the true sport of endurance at grass roots level proving time and again the value of strong partnerships between horse & rider. Great care was offered by the veterinary delegation headed by Technical Delegate, Mohamed Khalfan Alyammahi, and a full day of judge & vets briefing was held in order to work closely with newcomers to the FEI, explaining health & rules for the benefit of the horse and reminding them to not be flexible when it comes to rider security and horse welfare.

The picturesque trails were perfect, with good markings, loop speeds were low averaging around 15kph ensuring an excellent 80% completion rate throughout all rides including the 3 national qualifiers of 60km, 40km & 20km, for newcomers to the sport. There was a wonderful spirit throughout the day with everyone showing their willingness to learn and they are all looking forward to the future growth of this event and to returning next year.

Special thanks goes to event organiser, Dr. Mohamed Machmoum, Director of the upcoming Salon de Cheval at El Jedida, the veterinary delegation for their unfailing hard work and to the many dignitaries who attended the event, including Ahmed Al Reasi, Chairman of the Emirates Equestrian Federation, Dr. Hammou Ouhelli, Moroccan Minister of Rural Development & Forests, General Merzak El Habili, General Secretary of the Moroccan Royal Equestrian Federation and Zouhair Mohamed, General Secretary of Ifran, and of course not forgetting all the riders, grooms, owners & trainers and our valued partners, the horses, without whom none of the events could take place!


article & photos by Leigh Young

BECA results
CEI 1* 80km
1st - no 7 Arrabiefi ridden by Hammadi Smail from Le Ferme Equestre
2nd - no 8 Tissir II ridden by Hamid Bouhout Mdl from the Garde Royale
3rd - no 3 Rose des Vents ridden by Bensaid Ali Adj also from the Garde Royal
4th - no 2 Toumira ridden by Meryem Keddara from RCE Menzeh

FEI 1* 80 km CEI Results
1st no 8 - Tissir II ridden by Hamid Bouhout Mdl from the Garde Royale
2nd no 3 - Rose des Vents ridden by Bensaid Ali Adj also from the Garde Royal
3rd no 7 - Arrabiefi ridden by Hammadi Smail from Le Ferme Equestre

Endurance GB to formally adopt 'The Leading Rider Award' at major competitions


15 June 2017

Following extensive trials, 'The Leading Rider Award' will be formally launched at Endurance GB's major competitions, starting with Euston Park on the 17th and 18th of June. The award is the corner stone of the British Endurance Protocol, an initiative born from a joint working party, led by the British Equestrian Federation.

The purpose of the newly named Leading Rider Award (previously Good Horsemanship Award), is to reward what we believe to be clever riding, covering terrain competitively, but within the horse's means. The award gives points based on criteria judged throughout the competition and takes into account the recovery time of the horse, the CRI and consistency of speed. It's an evolving process and we welcome further feedback.

A full list of criteria can be found here.

The award was first trialed at two national rides and two FEI rides, which enabled the working party to refine the criteria and produce an efficient way of capturing and managing the data.

The Leading Rider Award forms one part of a much wider British Endurance Protocol, which is looking to develop proposals to support good horse welfare, transparency and clean sport, positioning the UK as a champion for continued development in the sport.

Giraffes in view as the Boudheib Endurance rules get a run in South Africa

Horsetalk.co.nz - Full Article

June 3, 2017

The innovative Boudheib rules in Endurance were employed in South Africa last weekend, in the first in a series of international events, with a completion rate across all divisions of nearly 80 percent.

The rules applied at the Boudheib endurance facility in Abu Dhabi, owned by Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, have created an oasis in troubled UAE Endurance. The “house” rules insisted on by the sheikh have all but eliminated the welfare issues that have plagued the sport in the region.

They are designed to keep speeds, which are GPS-monitored, down to 20kmh. Most prize-money goes to the best-conditioned horses, judged on the accumulation of scores from each vet gate.

South Africa played host last weekend to the first in the 2017 series of seven international Endurance events under Boudheib rules, with racing taking place in the Sondela Nature Reserve in the Limpopo Province...

Read more at http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2017/06/03/giraffes-boudheib-endurance-rules-south-africa/#J4WZYEjFLbel1Isp.99

British Endurance Protocol Endurance Takes Shape - Update

24 April 2017

The Kings Forest national 80km Competitive Endurance Ride hosted a trial of a new award which forms part of the British Endurance Protocol currently being developed by Endurance GB and the British Equestrian Federation. The award is designed to complement the existing competition structure and reward good horsemanship over the course of the competition. At each vetgate and at the finish, presentation times were scored as 20 points minus the presentation time. A 20 point bonus was given for each Cardiac Recovery Index (CRI) result where the second pulse was lower than the first. Scores were also awarded for the other veterinary criteria (gut sounds, gait and dehydration) up to a maximum of 15 points at each vetgate and at the final vetting.

The winners of the trial competition were Christine Ryan & Almaak with 145.40 points, who also won the class. Christine Ryan and Almaak had the shortest presentation times out of all the competitors at each vetgate and at the finish, and they had excellent CRI results including a final pulse of 60/48 in five minutes.

In second place was Saffron Bishop & Ty Shute Golden Savannah with 135.62 points, and in third place was Charlie Chadwick & Sky's the Limit with 132.68 points.

The results of the trial competition will now be reviewed by the working group. Other elements of the protocol which focus on participation, promotion of clean sport and selecting officials are still being worked on and more information will be released in due course.

UAE: International endurance season under Boudheib rules announced

Horsetalk.co.nz - Full Article

April 19, 2017

An international season for endurance under the rules pioneered at the United Arab Emirates’ Boudheib endurance center has been announced.

The proposed calendar lists races in South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Jordan and Texas.

A statement from the Boudheib center lists Princess Alia, the sister of former FEI president Princess Haya, as the organizer of the Jordan event.

The proposed schedule and dates are listed below.

The Boudheib endurance facility in Abu Dhabi, owned by Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has been an oasis in UAE endurance, applying house rules insisted on by the sheikh that have all but eliminated the welfare issues that have plagued the sport in the region...

Read more at http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2017/04/19/international-endurance-season-boudheib-announced/#ZPiTlweRP6vexx0U.99

Successful Boudhieb Endurance Initiative Schedules 7 International Events in 2017

April 16 2017


So another endurance season is over here in the UAE as the temperatures are creeping up to 40 degrees!

The Boudheib Initiative has been very successful throughout our 2016/17 winter season and is helping the sport to return to its origins whilst the Best Endurance Challenge Award (BECA) is providing a good basic structure for the future 'Welfare of the Endurance Horse'.

In Boudheib, natural tracks now form up to 45% of some loops, and are naturally slowing down speeds; the strict 20kph speed rules, the 56bpm heart rate and 10 minute presentation time are also having the desired effect. It seems that the horses, riders and trainers are becoming more accustomed to riding and training for these trails and everyone is starting to enjoy the BECA challenge.

The hugely exciting 'Boudheib Worldwide' conference took place in Boudheib last month, with many international endurance guests taking part. Consequently great strides are being made in implementing the Boudheib Initiative Worldwide and many countries have come forward to request the use of the Boudheib rules, and BECA (Best Endurance Challenge Award) in their competitions.

We are proud to announce the support of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for 7 proposed international endurance events to take us through to the end of the year.

Boudheib's international season will start next month, May 27th, in South Africa. PWC Sondela Endurance Event Organiser, Susan Koekemoer is advancing well with arrangements and expects a total of 200 horses and riders to take part in 3 categories namely 40km, 80km and a 120km using Boudheib's BECA. The BECA protocol will run alongside their own National event and CEI1*. They even have participation from Botswana competitors who will travel over 350km to take part. An invitational team competition between Botswana and local South African club teams has been added to the event to promote the International spirit between teams. 5 riders in the 80km times predict their riding time and the team closest to their predicted time win the team competition.

The PWC Sondela Endurance Ride, hosted by Premier Equestrian Club, has been held in the beautiful Sondela Nature Reserve in the Limpopo Province of South Africa for the past 15 years. The success of the event can be attributed to the professionalism of the event organisation, the beauty of the trail within the Sondela Nature Reserve and the luxury accommodation offered by Sondela for the whole family, not just the competitors, to enjoy the event. Annual new initiatives at the event are always explored to maintain horse & rider interest.

Premier Equestrian Club's mantra is "progress through innovation" and this compliments the visions of the Boudheib Initiative. The mutual collaboration of the two entities and generosity of HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan will, without doubt, enhance every riders experience at the PWC Sondela Endurance event.

Premier Equestrian Club will be posting regular updates leading up to the event on facebook and anyone wanting to follow the event is welcome to send a "friend request" to Premier Equestrian Club.


Boudhieb Initiative Proposed International Calendar of Events
Pretoria, South Africa May 27th 2017 Organiser: SAIC, Susan Koekemoer

Dwingaloo, Netherlands 10th June 2017 Organiser: Frans van't Zand

Marbech, Germany 21st July 2017 Organiser: Ahmed Samarraie

Aachen, Germany 22nd August 2017 Organiser: Nils Ischmer
Florac, France 10th September Organiser: Jean Paul Boudon

Jordan 15th November Organiser: Princess Alia of Jordan

Cat Springs, Texas 30 & 31 December Organiser: Emmett Ross

For more information contact: Leigh Young, email: leigh.harc@gmail.com