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2009 Presidents Cup - Race Day
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Presidents Cup - Arrival
Images by Merri Melde

2009 Presidents Cup - Preparation
Images by Merri Melde
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2013 HH The President of the UAE Endurance Cup

Photo Galleries


USA Young Riders and Horses arrive in Abu Dhabi for the Presidents Cup
February 10 2013

USA Young Riders Jessica DiCamillo of New Mexico and Devan Horn of Texas arrived in Abu Dhabi on February 9th in anticipation of riding in the February 16th 160-km Presidents Cup. Jessica will be riding DJB Black Al Badi (aka Diesel), owned by Darolyn Butler, and Devan will be riding CJS Maverick, owned by Jason and Ceci Butler-Stasiuk. Ceci has been in the UAE the last couple of weeks, riding in endurance races on horses owned by Shaikha Madiya.

"Jason and the ponies arrived safely and in very good health," Ceci said this morning. "And so did the rest of the of the young U.S. team!!! They where both bright & bushytailed after such a long trip!! We are all very privileged to be here as an endurance family."

Ceci will also ride in the Presidents Cup on one of Shaikha Madiya's horses, where over 200 entries are expected.

US Young Riders/UAE Presidents Cup Update
30 January 2013

The horse Jessica DiCamillo was scheduled to ride in the Abu Dhabi Presidents Cup on February 16, RGS SHA Strike Two, cannot travel due to European restrictions. Instead, she will be riding DJB Black AL Bodi (aka Diesel), owned by Darolyn Butler.

2013 Presidents Cup Bound: Jessica DiCamillo

Tuesday January 29 2013

She's no stranger to hard work: juggling working at home on the cattle ranch and horse farm with full-time study as a Junior on a scholarship in Ag business at New Mexico State University.

Describing herself as a "true cowgirl to the bone," she's no stranger to horses: riding by herself since she was 4 years old, breaking horses and working them on the ranch, and, there's that side hobby of endurance riding in her spare time.

At 19, Jessica DiCamillo of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has already logged over 5500 AERC miles, and racked up 17 wins, including the 2008 North American Young Riders FEI 75 miler on her horse RGS Crestwind Premiere that she broke in. At age 15 it was her first time to participate in the Young Riders. She's completed 6 100-mile rides, the first one at the age of 12. 1210 AERC miles in 2004 earned Jessica the Junior AERC National Mileage Championship, and with the combined AERC miles of her mother Karen, the duo earned the 2004 Bill Thornburgh Family Award.


2013 Presidents Cup Bound: Devan Horn

Sunday January 27 2013

It's a rare thrilling experience for any international endurance rider to get an invitation to ride in the Presidents Cup Endurance Race in Abu Dhabi, but for Young Rider Devan Horn of Texas, it's an endurance dream come true. "I'm beyond excited!" the 19-year-old says. "I haven't slept in 3 days!"

Devan will partner with Jason and Ceci Butler-Stasiuk's CJS Maverick for the 160-km race on February 16th, which is known for its tough course in the sand (and often heat and dust storms), its large number of participants (usually over 100 starters), and its record-breaking finish times (6:21.35 in 2012, 6:25.13 in 2011, 6:21.12 in 2010). CJS Maverick is a 9-year-old National Show Horse (3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Saddlebred) with a record of 650 AERC miles, and 11 completions in 16 starts, with 3 Best Condition awards.

It's an unusual move for the race's Organizing Committee. Normally, invitees are senior international riders who had not previously competed in Abu Dhabi; this year the decision was made to invite Young Riders to compete with the seniors. Reportedly, 16 foreign Young Riders have been asked to participate. Travel expenses are paid for a rider, horse, and groom.


USA Young Riders Invited to Abu Dhabi's President's Cup
January 25 2013

USA Young Riders Devan Horn 19, from the AERC Central region, and Jessica Dicamillo from the AERC Southwest region, have been invited to participate in the 2013 HH The President of the UAE Endurance Cup in Abu Dhabi on February 16. The FEI CEI*** 160 km race will take place at Emirates International Endurance Village.

Devan will be riding CJS Maverick, owned by Ceci and Jason Stasiuk, a 9-year-old National Show Horse gelding. Jessica will ride RGS SHA Strike Two, owned by her mother Karen Binns-DiCamillo.

It will be the first time Young Riders from around the world will be participating in the Abu Dhabi race.

Great Britain: Dace’s desert date for President’s Cup
Bridportnews.co.uk - Full Article

16th January 2013 in Sport By Adam Summers

ENDURANCE GB Young Rider squad member, Dace Sainsbury, has been invited to compete in the FEI 3* 160km President’s Cup Endurance ride in Abu Dhabi on February 16.

The Lyme Regis teenager and her horse Balotta were the highest-placed British horse and rider at the 2012 European Young Rider Endurance Championships where they finished in 12th place.

Sainsbury will be the only UK-based British rider to take part in the gruelling race.

Just 13 riders from across the world are invited to take part each year in the prestigious event, in addition to a large number of local riders and members of the Emirate Royal family...

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