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Swiss letter to FEI:
March 26 2012

Belgian letter to FEI:
October 2 2012

French letter to FEI:
October 12 2012

AERC letter to USEF
June 25 2013

Dutch letters to FEI:
June 19 2013
August 13 2013

Jamaica's letters to FEI:
October 23 2013 - page 1
Oct 23 - Page 2
October 25 2013
October 29 2013 - page 1
Oct 29 - Page 2
October 31 2013

John Crandell's letter to AERC:
October 30 2013

Endurance Strategic Planning Group:
November 2013
ESPG Script
ESPG Vision

John Crandell's Perspective on ESPG Proposal:
November 21 2013

AERC's Recommendations to ESPG Plans:
December 9 2013

January 2014

AERC Proposes Temporary Suspension of Concurrent FEI Events:

AERC-I's Response to AERC Sponsorship Committee Motion Proposal (Revised):
January 2014

French Vets' Open Letter to Endurance after 2014 Compiegne
June 2014

French Vets' Open Letter to Endurance after 2014 Compiegne mare's death case is closed without transparancy
September 2014

May 2015

FEI Denies UAE Appeal of Suspension

May 2015

FEI Sports Forum Endurance WEG Change Proposal

John Crandell's Rebirth of Endurance Tests/ Roadmap to the Future/ Part 1: Endurance Testing Conceptual Chart
March 2016

Francois Kerboul's Bouthieb 2015 - 2016: The unbelievable season
March 2016

2016 WEC Removed from UAE
April 2016

AERC President and AERC International Committee Chair Pen Letter Regarding Slovakia WEC - Sept 2016
September 2016

Australia's Letter to FEI Re: Slovakia WEC - Oct 2016
October 2016

AERC's Letter to USEF Re: More Dubai horse deaths
January 2017

AERA's Letter to AE Re: More Dubai horse deaths
January 2017

Germany's Letter to FEI regarding Int'l Horse Welfare
February 2017

Australia's Letter to FEI regarding UAE Horse Welfare
February 2017

AERC letter of concern to USEF Regarding UAE
January 2018

USEF Letter of Response to AERC's Letter of Concern Regarding UAE
January 2018

USA Letter to USEF Regarding Upcoming WEG
August 2018


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A Collection of the News Items on the 2013 FEI/UAE Controversy

January 18 2019

Major American Endurance body votes to cut ties with US Equestrian Federation

January 16 2019

Endurance Temporary Committee looks to trial lower heart rates

Endurance Temporary Committee continues work at second in-person meeting

January 9 2019

FEI uses emergency powers to improve care of seriously injured endurance horses

December 28 2018

FEI Board moves swiftly to close loophole over catastrophic injuries in Endurance

December 23 2018

FEI Board moves swiftly to close loophole over catastrophic injuries in Endurance

December 21 2018

Endurance Department Updates

December 19 2018

UAE: Outcry after horse breaks leg in ride caught on video

December 14 2018

‘Cheating must be stamped out’: new endurance committee faces up to challenges

December 13 2018

Endurance committee takes first steps to clean up sport

FEI Endurance Temporary Committee Holds First In-Person Meeting

Endurance: No more start permits for German riders at international tournaments in Dubai [translated]

December 10 2018

Can This Latest Endurance Review Make a Difference?

December 10 2018


December 7 2018

Valerie Kanavy Joins Endurance Temporary Committee

December 5 2018

FEI announces new member of Endurance Temporary Committee

November 23 2018

FEI, UAE vet tells of time at forefront of equine welfare developments

November 14 2018

UAE Endurance Season Begins with More Horse Deaths

October 26 2018

Endurance ended 2017 with worst record of drug infractions among disciplines

October 23 2018

FEI orders endurance review in bid to return discipline to its roots

Committee to Create Roadmap for the Future of FEI Endurance

October 22 2018

FEI Bureau sets up Temporary Committee to create roadmap for the future of Endurance

October 19 2018

2 Endurance Riders and Trainer in UAE Races Suspended

October 12 2018

Round Up of Recent Endurance Doping Case Rulings

October 4 2018

Has Endurance Racing Morphed Into ‘Win At All Cost’ Flat-Track Racing?

October 1 2018

American endurance officials condemn “extreme” flat-track form of discipline

September 26 2018

Endurance Trainers to Face Automatic Suspension for Doping

September 3 2018

IVEC to Present "Traditional versus Modern Endurance" Round Table

November 7 2018

Proposed rule change targets endurance trainers for drug breaches

August 27 2018

New A-to-Z guide targets endurance cheats