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2012 WEC Euston Park
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Thomas Hagis and Indian Reinman
Ellen Olson and Bey Gibby
Dr. Margaret Sleeper and Shyrocco Rimbaud

Tom Hagis and Indian Reinman


My 10 year old Arabian gelding Indian Reinman and I have been chosen the represent the USA at the World Endurance Championship in Samorin, Slovakia next month. To help offset the tremendous cost of sending Reinman, Gina and a crew to the venue I am asking my friends to help. If we can spread the cost burden amoung the several hundred friends that we all have, this will be a reality. I am honored and humbled by this experience. The ride was originally scheduled for Dec. in the UAE but has been moved to Sept. in Slovakia. That doesn't leave us much time but with all your help I will proudly represent you and the USA. Welcome to Team Hagis and Team USA. I thank you all!!

August 16 update:

Great news to all following World Endurance. Because of all the fabulous private donations and a great reduction in the shipping costs, we are reducing our estimated costs and lowering our goal. We are now over half way there in just two weeks and we leave in two weeks. Thank you to everyone!!

August 2 It is now official We are going to Slovakia with Ellen Olson and Meg Sleeper to represent the USA at the World Endurance Championships next month. I am so honored and humbled to have been chosen and thank my wonderful Reinman for getting us there. I will be setting up a "Go fund me" site to help offset the tremendous costs of getting Reinman, Gina and the following crew members ( Mike Everette, Jennifer Poling, Jeff Blittersdorf, and Misty McAdams) to the venue. We will also be fundraising at the Ride Between the Rivers and the Iron Mt. Jubilee if you want to be a part of Team Hagis and more importantly Team USA. I thank everyone who helped and will help get us there. Tom