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Melaka Grand Invitational Endurance Ride 2010

Hello everyone!    So the excitement is at its highest degree!   I'm all packed, ready to go, well, first I have to drag my suitcase to work, yes, I'm working today and will leave straight from work at around 5PM since my flight is at 8:30PM at Newark, NJ. I will have a lay over of a little over 2 hours in New Delhi, India, just this is making me happy, I will have been in India!!! I will have to come back to really visit and spend some real time there and see more than boarding gates and airport food courts (never been a fan).

I just called the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) so I can have an authorisation letter to ride in the 50 miles rides, this is an FEI ride and I need a letter letting me ride into a foreign country, French people are lovely (I mean I know what I'm talking about, right?!) but they are always on vacation (hmm sometimes makes me wonder why I moved to the US), so the FFE offices were closed for Easter since last Friday and just reopen today!

I got lucky and talked with a very nice lady whom seems fairly sure I will have my authorisation by tomorrow, yeah! I'm going to be able to ride a 50 miles ride in Malaysia, the horse i'm supposed to ride is named Shaklan, I looked him up on the FEI website a 12 years old grey (yeah! I am grey horse crazy) Arabian foaled in Australia, sounds really nice to my ears.

Ok, off to work and drag my suitcase through the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan! Wish me luck that might be the toughest part of my trip :-)

More later tonight from the airport...