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2010 Uk'ux B'e - 3* Fecha Campeonato Endurance 2010 Guatemala

Uk'ux means center, heart, and spirit of the things with life, that gives you protection and well being, and B'e means the way to, the road that leads you to..., in Quiche, one of our indigenous lenguages - So, in few words "THE SPIRIT OF THE ROAD"

CEI 1*, 2*, 3* - Chimaltenango/Guatemala

Photos by Ignacio de Wit


photos by Mike Tomlinson


40 km National
1Scarlet de Gonzales - Correcaminos
2Gabriel Ramos - T Suki*BC
3Carlos R Evans - Hercules
4Esteban Herbruger - Diamante
5Federico Hergruger - Orinocco
6Alejandra Rodas - Magnolia
7Uber Rodas - Merlin
DNFLuis Miguel de la Roca - Fuente
60 km National
1Carlos Bonessa - Chavo*BC
DNFFrank Hesse - Moro Hugo
80 km National
1Miguel Angel de la Roca - Tio Caiman
120 km FEI CEI
1Silvia Aldana de Wit - Paisano*BC
2Diego Zamora CRC - Lambrusco
DNFDamyan Serovic - Aladino
DNFAmador Lobato MEX - Shabah
160 km FEI CEI
1Clarissa de Wit - Ali*BC
2Roberto Hernandez - Mister Ha
3Jaime Mansilla - Candelita
4Maria Paiz - Flash Flame
DNFAmador Lobato MEX - Shabah