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Trofeo Transpirenaico
Figarol - Le Vigan - Ripoll - Tarbes - Vitoria-Antonana - Negresplisse - Santa Susanna

Seven Races - 8 months - Two Countries!
The 2007 Trofeo Transpirenacia provides a series challenge to endurance riders throughout Europe. The Tarebes event is the half-way point of this competition to gain the Trophy of the Trans Pyreenes Challenge.

Alice Proust provides coverage of the Endurance Equestre 65 as 80 competitors via for advantage of the mid-summer part of the challenge!

Equestria Pre Inspection

The Race

BC and Ceremony

A Special Trophy!
Photos by Alice Proust


Elle se déroulera en marguerite (4 étapes)au bois du Commandeur à Ibos. Quelques difficultés ont été apportés à toutes les boucles:
  Etape 1: 32km
  Etape 2: 37km
  Etape 3: 31km
  Etape 4: 20km
The course will in 4 loops through the forests of the "Commander of Ibos". Each phase will present technical difficulties with moderate elevation.
Phase 1: 32km
Phase 2: 37km
Phase 3: 31km
Phase 4: 20km
La voluntad del curso en 4 lazos a través de los bosques del "comandante de Ibos". Cada fase presentará dificultades técnicas con la elevación moderada.
Fase 1: 32km
Fase 2: 37km
Fase 3: 31km
Fase 4: 20km