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Endurance.Net Home 2009 VV March Maddness
2008 Very Virtual March Maddness Results

If you're feeling like you are going to be alone during the Month of March as your significant other falls into the yearly basketball Void
-- then ---

Join the 2009 Very Virtual March Maddness Race

Start Time: Sunrise - 01March2009
Cut-Off: Sunset - 31March2009

Current Ride: VV March Maddness

31 Days of Endurance Maddness! Ride as many horses and as many miles as you possibly can or want to for the month of March. Log your miles on the virtual vet card to win a t-shirt for your efforts!
To register for the ride, join this group. You will, in time, receive an invitation to your vet card. Don't loose it as it will be used for all the rest of your VVRides.

Track logs can be upload by adding a reply to the TrackLogs discussion and then pasting the resulting URL into your vet card. Tracklogs converted to GoogleEarth.kmz files are prefered

If you don't really understand the above, then you might consider joining a team. Teams have secretaries that take care of you on the ride:)

You can keep a blog of your ride on your my-endurance profile page (My Page). Some examples are:

* I still need to make a list of past VVRide blog posts (any volunteers want to do it??)

The Very Virtual Ride Rules will help you understand the competition rules. In overview, they are:
*I need a Picture of a Napikin with the Rules written on it*.

Remember, the start of the VVMarchMaddness ride is:

Sunrise 01Mar2009 - any miles after than, you should log to your vet card

Sunset 31Mar2009 - (Generally there are 48 hours post finish to get everyone to log their miles)

have fun:)

Current Rules

Well, we're 1/3 of the way through the ride. We have 62 riding partners and a total of 1832+ miles logged. Not bad for a virtual gaggle of endurance riders!!

So --

1 - there are 15 of us that have not yet logged any miles!! One goal for the next 10 days is to get EVERYONE engaged!! So you each should pick a 0-miles friend and help them get started!!

2 - We've decided that if you go to an event sanctioned by some organization, with a specific number of sanctioned miles, you get to count the sanctioned miles and you must also show your completion of those miles in some way (image of vet card or pointer to the ride results on-line etc. You may also OPTIONALLY, provide the track-logs of the event even though they may or may not agree with the sanctioned miles.

3 - If you're riding in a sanctioned event and get pulled/eliminated, you still get to count the actual miles ridden in the event BEFORE the pull occured in the VVRides. We still have need to "pass the virtual vet-check", so if you are in a 3 loop (phase) event, and fail the vet check at the end of the second phase, then you get to count the 1st loop only, likewise, if you get pulled at the end of the third loop, you get to count the first two successfully completed loops. etc.

Otherwise, It is truely amazing to see the enthusiasm with which you all are moving down the trail!!! Ride FAR and Ride WELL!!!!


Join the 2009 Very Virtual March Maddness Race

2008 VV March Maddness Results

Ride Results

1Flora Hillman (BC)400.06Vet Card
2Kevin Myers180.38Vet Card
3Don Huston167.67Vet Card
4Marlene Moss165.80Vet Card
5Angie McGhee151.95Vet Card
6Dessia Miller140.64Vet Card
7Diane Vieira134.00Vet Card
8Rusty Toth119.10Vet Card
9Debbie Whaley106.32Vet Card
10Tom Noll98.50Vet Card
11Kyle Gibbons91.60Vet Card
12Marirose Six91.39Vet Card
13Karen Bohn71.79Vet Card
14Barbara Berlitz71.08Vet Card
15Merri Melde64.00Vet Card
16John Teeter63.70Vet Card
17Lucie Hess63.19Vet Card
18Katrina Mosshamer57.54Vet Card
19Robin Everett54.40Vet Card
20Josie McGhee45.26Vet Card
21Steph Teeter44.90Vet Card
22Kathy Klenk41.29Vet Card
23Beth Walker35.10Vet Card
24Maryanne Gabbani24.34Vet Card
25KP Ross24.00Vet Card
26Bill Bennett24.00Vet Card
27Cindy Collins17.00Vet Card
28Quinton & Libby Llop9.90Vet Card
29Troy Lynn Swank9.68Vet Card
Adib Hariz0.00
Beth Bivens0.00
Carol Brand0.00
Dave Bennett0.00
Karen Steenhof0.00
Markéta Terberová0.00
Opal Perry0.00
Patti Bass0.00
Patti Kuvik0.00
Shannon Chastain0.00
Sheila Walsh0.00
Stace Moss0.00
Yes, that's right - 1 month of riding pleasure - 31 days of heated competition to find the riders with the most dedication and dicipline in their riding habbits!

Awards for top finishers.

First Place: Flora Hillman!!
  5 Days of riding (any distance) at the
  2008 Owyhee Canyonlands Ride(1)
Second Place: Kevin Myers
  3 Days of Riding (any distance) at the
  2008 Owyhee Canyonlands Ride
Third Place:  Don Huston
  1 Day of Riding (any distance) at the
   2008 Owyhee Canyonlands Ride
* all awards mentioned above are issued under
  the following stipulation:

1 - The ride entries may be used by the individual
    to which it is issued as a fully paid entry to Canyonlands.
2 - The ride entries are fully transferable and may be used by
    any authorized person (other than the original winner) as a
    50% discount entry to Canyonlands.

Certificates of Completion (CoC)

The VV Certificate of Completion (CoC) will be issued (SOON) to all who do any miles at this ride! The CoC is good for entry into any future VV event (and we may even, for championships, require that all entrants have a CoC!!)

It's Time to RIDE!!!

Make your Training Fun and Share it with virtual riding partners!

Join the 2009 Very Virtual March Maddness Race