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Re: full recovery at vet checks?

> Hi Tom, Thanks for the feedback. I stated:
> > Also, Mystery kept getting pretty high on sweet feed last year so now I
>  give him more oats.  This year I don't like him dropping the weight he
>  is right now so I'm giving him more All In One which was what he use to
>  get high on.  Yet he isn't high and I "think" it is because I am riding
>  more relaxed, breathing etc and he is picking that up.  Just my own
>  horse and experience.>

Tom asked:  Is your daily mileage the same or at a higher level? Mileage relaxes

Answer:  It is alot lower because of the rain/ mud/ etc and usually he is a nut
case with so much time off.  It is a pleasant surprise for me that he isn't and I
contribute it to myself riding more relaxed, breathing and perhaps his maturity
(12 this spring).

Question:  Someone asked me if sweet feed makes him sweat.  I never thought of
that connection before.  Is there anything in feeding sugars/ molasses and a
horse sweating?
P.S.  I enjoy your articles in Trail Blazer...thank you!
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."feed me sweet feed all the time!!!!")

> ti

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