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Re: full recovery at vet checks?

In a message dated 2/18/99 4:55:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, kim@plough- writes:

<< ummm, If endurance rides are short races with full recoveries inbetween,
 then why is rest and recovery after the race so important?>

Primarily due to fuel depletion and subsequent muscle damage. Dehydration is
another cumulative problem.
 >I intuitively think it is only a partial recovery, after all, 50 and 100
 miles horses are going with no sleep, many are trotting and cantering
 and there is no way they are refueling their bodies 100% during the
 holds.  If they were, why would it be so important they get extra forage
 after the race and time off?>
You're right. The stress does accumulate, especially if nutritional support
for the work is not provided. However, I can see parallels between endurance
rides and interval training routines used by marathoners. These involve
"partial" recoveries, but the percent of heartrate drop in the rest intervals
is nowhere near that required in endurance horses. So, relatively speaking,
these are important recovery levels--unless additional fuel is not provided
during them--then you're going to go downhill. 

> Also, Mystery kept getting pretty high on sweet feed last year so now I
 give him more oats.  This year I don't like him dropping the weight he
 is right now so I'm giving him more All In One which was what he use to
 get high on.  Yet he isn't high and I "think" it is because I am riding
 more relaxed, breathing etc and he is picking that up.  Just my own
 horse and experience.>

Is your daily mileage the same or at a higher level? Mileage relaxes horses.

 And no, I'm not a scientist, I only own one horse, and I havn't even
 completed my first 50 yet, so don't bash too hard! <g>
 Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."uh oh, your typing again..just remember
 folks, she said it not me!") >>

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