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Re: kid flinging pony

Angie,  Wecertainly do have a lot in common.  Too bad we don't live closer, we
could trade off  LD training days!  :-) My phone-daughter is now 15 and rider-
daughter is 13. Same thing in horses except ours is a 15 hand Arab mare with a
snooty personality kinda like "Barbie".  Same deal with the buck, Alice
(rider-daughter) has learned to hang on, after a trip to the hospital for a
concussion!  I was going to suggest the modified-overcheck... a piece of hay
string from the saddle through the browband down to the bit.  This worked well
with a shetland pony we used to have when my kids were real little and had
absolutely NO arm strength. Perhaps schooling in the overcheck on the
flatland, then hitting the trails for training or trotting for the first part
of your ride, maybe then the little guy will be a little too tired to buck!!
Or YOU could always ride the pony and go ahead and be a Super-Great Mom and
let your daughter ride Kaboot!!  

Jackie Baker,
 trying to figure out how to do a 50 and sponsor my daughter on her first 25!

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