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Re: kid flinging pony

In a message dated 2/17/99 8:21:45 PM EST, writes:

 His problem is, he likes to throw a buck now and then.  When he's in the
 field, if a horsefly lands on his back, he bucks.  When he canters, he
 likes to throw a buck now and then.  Not a great big one, but he likes to
 get his head down and bounce a couple of times now and then, more of a
 "yee ha" than trying to get rid of anybody.  
As a breeder of welsh ponies, I've got the answer to "why" the pony bucks, but
not the answer to "how to stop him" from bucking.  He bucks because ALL ponies
have a genetic flaw that makes them do things they think are funny.  The "yee-
haw" bucks are for fun, not for meaness.  Ponies also think it's funny to get
out of fences, to steal rags from your back pockets, or to refuse to do
something they've done all their lives.  The only real advice is to teach your
daughter how to ride the "yee-haw" bucks of this pony.  It can be done.  She
will eventually "yee-haw" with him on the trails, thinking nothing of the
occational buck that tells her that her pony is having fun.  Good luck with
this and I hope to see her on the LDs, I do love the little ones.

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