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Re: No Control

Lynette, this is very well written! 

Phil, I ride hot, fit horses too, and this works unbelievably well for
me. The process Lynette describes is fantastic training, and prepares
your horse for any type of work later on. A little investment like this
up front produces a finished horse will be a joy to ride! Lightening up
your horse like this gives you an excellent NATRC horse, a feather light
dressage or cow horse, and a push button endurance horse. 

My primary endurance horse is a hot 6 year old gelding that looks quiet
and calm, and does races in a rope halter when I want. He loves
sprinting past other horses, his favorite gait is gallop, his favorite
position is **way*** in front! I started him just this way. 

I wrote a post on "Race Brain Training" a few weeks ago (the post Abby
Bloxsom referred to) that I'll email to you. It describes a process for
getting a horse like yours from where Lynette leaves off to working just
like you want her to in groups. Race Brain training is a hoot for both
you and the horses, mine love doing it! - but it's important to do this
circling work first.

Any new horse I ride, I start from basics like this. Even if they are
very well trained... it establishes good communication between us. 

If you have this circling down pat, and take your time with her, she
will come around to you. You'll be amazed. I have two notoriously
unmanageable older horses, and now both can be ridden in rope halters
doing the "race brain training" sessions. 

It starts with basics Lynette describes. Have fun!

Linda, Gilroy

Lynette Helgeson wrote:
> Phil,
> First of all it helps to understand what you horse is thinking and
> reacting too. She sounds like she is a dominant mare who likes to lead
> and by tensing her jaw and getting a hold of the bit, she is talking
> control of the situation and getting her way. That is being in front. My
> first suggestion would be to go back to basics. Find a good gentle bit
> that fits her mouth. It is very important that the bits fits. So many
> bits are 5" mouthpiece and most ponies and arabs have smaller mouths
> then that. I like a 4 3/4"  on my arabs and ponies. Since you are
> probably going to do a lot of circling with her, you want something that
> is going to be gentle and not cause a lot of pain. You want her to think
> about what she is doing and not about fighting the pain and you. I would
> suggest something such as a snaffle or a bosal. I would not want to work
> with shanks when you are trying to circle her. If her mouth is calloused
> because of bits you might get more of a response from her with a bosal.
> Lynette
> Lots of years and miles does not make a good endurance rider. Knowledge
> does.
> wrote:
> >
> > Now that I am again getting ridecamp messages, I need help....
> >
> > Phil and the very powerful BLISS

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