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Re: Horse falling asleep??

In a message dated 2/1/99 10:32:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< He goes down to his knees and then just calmly stands
 back up.  I have never fallen off and he is doens't have any trouble
 standing up again.  Then we continue on our way.  He isn't having any
 muscle tighting either.  Will he grow out of this????
 One other problem I have with him is when he starts getting sweaty on
 his face, he starts shaking his head.  He will do this at a walk, trot
 or canter.  It can really throw both of us off balance.  So far he has
 managed to not lose his balance and fall.  He also likes to rub his head
 on his front legs and has attempted to do this at a trot also.  How can
 I break him of this habit????
 Thanks for your help.
 Carol Robertson >>

This sounds like a serious problem to me. The first thing I'd do is check his
blood glucose at that time--if it's real low, he could be on the edge of

The second possibility is dehydration. 

The third is ketosis.

The fourth is alkalosis.


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