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Re: Barn Suggestions?

In a message dated 2/2/99 12:21:50 PM EST, writes:

 I am building a barn, 36x36 (5 stalls, tackroom), 8 Ft. overhang on one side.
 I am wondering if anyone has positive or negative opinions about, BarnMaster,
 Lester Buildings or Cleary. The other choice is a local barn builder or
 building it myself. (of course as a Rolfer the building would be perfectly
 balanced and lifted up by gravity!).
 The barn will be used for horses in for therapy, the overhang is for my
 What would you look for in a barn that your horse was being treated in?
This is really going to be interesting!  Everyone seems to Love their barn.  I
also love my barn, not built by Lester, Barnmasters, Morton or any other
commercial barn builder.  Ours is a block barn built by a local mason.  I
asked for three estimates on the same set of plans, block, wood, and metal.
Out of all the estimates, block was the cheapest, and it was what I really
wanted, just thought it would be too expensive.  The block is very cool in the
summer, and warm inthe winter.  I was told it would be cold in winter, but it
is not.  The block seems to soak up the weak winter sun during the day and
radiate that warmth throughout the night.  I do live in a relatively mild
climate, but we regularly have below freezing days, I have yet to have frozen
water buckets in the stalls!  No maintaince to speak of, almost fool-proof and
horse proof.  Just a thought also....for treatment purposes...block is easily
sanitized between horses.

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