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Sorry I sent before on this topic but I think I have to agree with you.  A farrier can not fix a problem over night.  People have a problem with their horses feet, ring the farrier and expect it to be fixed immediately.  Well you can expect that on a truck but not on a horse.  They are a living and growing thing.  It can take up to a year to get a horses feet right. 
So why would you change anything.  If it was me I would pull my horse out of everything until I could get my farrier.  No way would I use someone else.  He got my horse to his present state and kept him going why risk all for the sake of a ride (as you have found out).
Please think of your farrier, they don't have it easy that's why we pay them to do it.  It isn't a easy job and it is very physically demanding work.  I always have a cold drink for my farrier ready and if he is late I slap together something to eat because I know he's had a hard day and hasn't had a chance to eat.  This gives him time to sit rest and relax before doing your horse in a worked up frenzy.  You know what it's like when you have a bad day.  Just think of them.
All of you that do your own, my hat is off to you.
Donna P.

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