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Re: Farriers

Dear Donna,
Boy!  Wish all of our clients were like you!  Many are thoughtful with
that glass or water (or lately hot cup of coffee or cocoa) and have
their horses ready or invite you in to warm up or whatever.... we have
one client who gets take out for lunch and always has a delicious
dessert and hot beverage for us when we are done.... she also always
gives us a generous tip well above her bill and gives us terrific
Christmas presents!  :)  Well, she is special and if all the clients
were like that, we wouldn't get much accomplished but those people sure
make the job more enjoyable and gives us something to look forward to...
hint people!  Does your farrier look forward to trimming/shoeing YOUR
horse?  Not that you need to offer lunch or gifts!!  But do you think he
likes working with you, taking care of your horse's feet, etc?  Does he
have to clean 2 inches of muck off their hooves?  Does he have a clean,
dry place to work when it's nasty or cool, shady place when it's hot? 
Be considerate of your farrier and you may be amazed!  :)  Just some
tips from the farrier's wife!  Think about it!

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