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Hi Glenda,
Putting the bridle on in one piece is a really easy task.  This is how I do it.
Stand to the left of the horse facing frontwards.  Hold the top and middle of the ear piece up and in front of the horse with your right hand.  Next use your left hand inside of the bit guiding it inside of the lips, then use your thumb and little finger to slide into the corners of their mouth.  The bit will be now resting on the teeth with your hand slightly below.  When the horse opens ease the bit into their mouth pulling the earpiece behind the ears.  Fix the forelock and mane and do up any throatlatches and nosebands.
There is no secret.  I know that you feel that your pulling your horses ears off or their mouth wide but if you've got a horse that can be a bit funny this can be the quick and painless way for you to do it.
Donna P.

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