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Re: RC: Mules & Oak

The only problems we have had here with the oak trees is founder and
hives.  The acorns have tannic acid in them.  Some horses/mules/donkeys
will founder,  and some might get hives.  And some won't have any
problems at all.  Out of 4 horses we have only one that will founder on
them.  The other three don't have any problems.   We have had some that
got the hives.  It seemed that when they get the hives once,  they don't
get them again.

Allot of our shoeing clients with horses/mules/donkeys that have access
to oak trees go through the same thing.   We have certain clients that
have to be reminded every year that it is time to hot wire around the
trees because of the acorns.

Hope everybody had a good riding season this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon
Home of the Treeless Saddle and other quality horse/mule/donkey and pet

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