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Re: RC: Re: no sale to endurance rider

In a message dated 10/29/99 8:23:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

My very first exposure to endurance was when I went to look at a horse to 
buy.....I didn't know sqat about endurance, but the horse had competed some, 
and there was a man there also looking to buy at the same time I was. I 
watched this man trot the horse out.........and I ignorantly :-) said, I 
didn't know how "those" people could trot all day long! He said something 
that stayed with me many years and influenced me greatly towards endurance 
riders. He said " well, if ya drink enough beer first, it doesn't bother you 
at all..{{laughing}}." 
That did not set well with me. Irritated the crap outa me actually.
Well, as the years passed, I did do some endurance, and actually found to my 
delight, the thrill that goes along with riding a beautiful horse with that 
wonderful, floating trot......(sorta addicting ;-) haha
I realized how many wonderful, fun, responsible endurance riders are out 
there, and realized I'd been predjudiced for along time because of that one 
remark by a man I didn't even know............

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