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Traveling across state lines.

Tracy Ingram
I once published a toll free number which had an automated system allowing you to pull the requirements for traveling with a horse from state to state. It is interesting to note that although each state basically requires a health certificate, some states place requirements on how that health certificate is filled out such as it must have a particular statement from a vet addressing a particular health aree assuring the state that the animal has been checked for a particular illness in a particular time frame. Although the health certificate is a standard form, the information that it must contain can vary from state to state.
For example, if you were stopped in Tennessee a few years ago and the HC did not address a certain disease outbreak in New Mexico, state officials indicated your animal would be impounded for 30 days and of course you would get stuck with the bill.
The answer if you did not have a proper HC was to alter your route around that state.
I no longer have the phone number for this system, it is listed in a back issue for the STRAHA trail newsletter if anyone has any of those.

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