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Re: Flair Saddles

"Flair" is a flocking system, not a saddle. Flair can be fitted into any
English style saddle. Its main benefits are that the saddle can be fitted
nearly perfectly to the horse and also easily adjusted, although it does
need a professional to do so.
The jury is still out on using it for long distance. It is a plastic casing
with foam and air set inside the panels of your saddle. since it is plastic
heat may be an issue. Some English Endurance riders have seen some white
hairs even though their horses are going better than ever since installation
of Flair.
I believe flair is working on a Saddle with a well know,at least to me,
They do need redoing as with any flocked saddle as horses are always
changing shape.

Sales pitch coming now: I'm using an Evac pad on my old horse as her back
has swayed quiet a bit and her old saddle now sits out of balance. Since she
is old, I won't be buying her another saddle and the Evac has done the

For those of you not familiar with Evac, Try:

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Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 3:19 PM
Subject: RC: Flair Saddles

>I have been thinking about getting a leather saddle filled with air.  I
would like to hear from anyone who has this done, and would like to know how
long they last, whether they need redoing and if they do, how much it costs
to redo.
>I think it would be benificial for my pony, as she is quite old and i feel
a lighter and more comfortable saddle would be better for her.
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