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Electrobraid fencing

My electrobraid fencing is eight months old now, and I love it!

I installed 4 strand electobraid fencing to divide off the 300 acres we
just bought from the larger cattle ranch of which it was part.  We charge
the fence with a solar electric fence charger, with six ground rods.
Initial cost was the absolute least expensive option for 2,500 feet of
fence, and installation was a breeze.....accomplished in one day, with five
unskilled folks helping!  The fiberglass poles can be spaced as wide as 100
feet apart (I put mine every 50 feet, just to be on the safe side.)  A
safety feature is that these poles would bend 90 degrees if a horse or
steer hit one at a run, and would snap right back upright afterwards.  The
corner and tension posts are rock solid.  The slightly elastic 1/4 inch
round rope/wire never needs to be restretched, and is as tight today as the
day I strung it.  The fence comes with a 25 year warranty, and needs zero

But the two best features are that the fence is virtually invisible from a
few acres away, so when we're riding down off of our mountain, the view to
the ocean still looks unbroken.   Of course, the most important feature is
that it works!  The range cattle, deer, bear, mountain lion horses all respect the fence, stay on their own
respective sides, and have caused no damage.  I like the system so much,
I've become a dealer.


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