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Mules & Oak

Gesa wrote:
"She didnt learn her lesson either.  The next oak she saw , she tried to
Some times I think my mule was robbed of oxygen at birth and is mildly
retarded!!  Anyone know why Clovis wants to eat oaks???"

Gesa, My entire state is almost all oak trees. My pastures are a great
combination of big oak tree and grass.  It is not unusual for one of my
mules to walk over to a fallen oak branch and gobble up all of the leaves.
They've been doing it for years with no apparent side effect. Until the
recent postings on oak poisoning we've never had a problem. Now I feel like
I'm supposed to worry. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I looked up
various illnesses in my mother's "Doctor Book." It wouldn't be long before
I started thinking every symptom I had matched one of those deadly
illnesses described in the book.

I think I'll just rewind all of these conversations about oak poisoning
back to a couple of weeks ago when I didn't know I had a problem.{:=>  Bob

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