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Voting in the Northwest Region

This message concerns those Ridecampers in the AERC Northwest Region in

There are several of us on ride camp nominated as Director. The list
includes Steph and myself. Not sure what others that nominated are on this

Any way, this is an unpaid political announcement. I have nominated to be a
Director from the Northwest region and offer the following qualifications
for your consideration:

I nominated for Director to represent the Northwest region as I do not feel
that the riders in this area have had satisfactory representation for
several years.

My qualifications include being an endurance rider for over twenty years
with experience in local, regional, national, FEI North American competition
and World Endurance Championships.

I have served on AERC committees including the Rules Committee since its
inception, the Education and Safety committee and the Technical committee.
Not only have I served on these committees, I have been active in each of
them to the fullest extent possible.

I have resided and ridden in the Northwest region from the beginning.
However I have entered competition in other regions so as to be able to
compare the Northwest and its particular problems with those of other

I have made it a point to attend AERC Board meetings whenever and wherever
they have been held. I have taken an active role, not just been an observer
and intend to continue in that manner.

I feel that the Northwest region is facing severe problems regarding trails
and have been very active in that realm.

I am retired so have the time to devote to the job of Director and am
fortunate enough to have the finances as well.

If I am elected as a Director representing the Northwest I will be available
by mail, phone and E-mail at all times. I will do my best to represent the
AERC Members of the Northwest with fairness and sincerity.

Your votes will be appreciated.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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