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Re: [Enduranceriders] [Fwd: Mid year BOD meeting]

Pretty good account Bomber.  By the way folks, since I am on a strict diet, 
Becky and I did not go to the dinner Saturday night and went to the Arabian 
Nationals.  Jerry did not say enough about how poor it was.  The 17 stallions 
in the halter class except for one looked panicked everytime the handler 
moved.  The one that did not was also the only one who actually trotted in 
hand.  The others flew around like idiots or cantered.  I actually thought 
one of them had a huge swollen eye until I realized they all looked like 
that.  It was makeup.  It is a shame what they have done to such a great 
breed.  The poor western pleasure horses are a joke.  The trot behind and 
canter only in the front and I think I could outrun them.  They better keep 
the footing good because if one of them trips he will roll over like a sow 
bug.  For a reality check we went out to the back forty in the outdoor dirt 
arena and watched the cutting horses.  They were really fun to watch.  I hope 
my horses realize how much better off they are in the mud and rain all winter 
on a pasture where they can actually interact and be horses......Maryben  

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