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Re: [Enduranceriders] [Fwd: Mid year BOD meeting]

In a message dated 10/29/1999 6:02:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Yes, there is still some dead wood.
 And I expect over the next 6 years to see a great change in the board and
 the membership.  When you go to vote this fall, vote for a person that will
 really work on the board.  Don't vote for just a personality.  >>
Hey folks, you really need to pay attention to this.  If you aren't sure, 
don't vote for someone just because they have been on the board for a long 
time, or because you recognize their name, or other similar reasons.  Vote 
only if you are sure that they will do a "good" job and represent "you". 

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