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Cevi's update 10/28/99

Juliua Stroup
Friday, November 5th is the day we come home.  I had the discharge meeting today and we'll be home that Friday, time for a PARTY!!!  Cevi is walking with some help (periodically) from someone standing near her.  Physically she is doing great, mentally she's anxious about going back to school.  She's worried about how people will treat her and look at her.  So OK you teenagers, get the word out to give her a warm welcome, OK?
This is the plan;
Thursday, Nov. 4th I'll drive either the motorhome or my car home.  I'll meet with some school officials to get Cevi all set up for school.  She'll only be attending two classes until she gets some more endurance for further studies, (of which she's not looking forward to).  She'll have physical and occupational therapy 3-4 times a week so I have to figure out how we'll get her from one place to another (heard something about Kitsap transit having an access bus that might do it).  There are quite a few things that will need to be setup before she can go to school and I can return to work (probably part-time at first), will know more once we're home.
I'll spend the night at home and drive back to Children's Hospital with Tom to pick up Cevi and my other vehicle and come home, home, home, WOW, Thank you Jesus, Hallalujah, Power be to God, Praise the Lord, yahhhoooo!!!
I've got hords of pictures, so if you want to see some, email me directly at (if you're already on my distribution list, you've already received them).  I have pictures of her last ride at KKS Windsong in Yakima WA, pictures of getting her halo off and her first day without it, the Sweet 16 party she went to, our bowling night out and of course, pictures of Matt too.  Love you all. -Juliua

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