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Two things, if you use a credit card anyway, consider signing up for the card 
that gives the AERC money anytime you use it.  It could generate a 
considerable amount of income for AERC and every little bit helps.

Gee, maybe they will double the directors' salaries.

Second thing is that The Arabian Horse World has made an effort to recognize 
endurance.  Every other month they have been doing a big spread devoted to 
endurance.  I am actually going to fork over the $40 for a subscription.  
However, if you subscribe, do what I am going to do.  Attached to my money 
will be a note that I am an endurance rider and I am subscribing because of 
their recognition of the sport of endurance.  The article about the Hyannis 
horses was great and they are going to have another about the great endurance 
horses in an upcoming issue I think maybe December....maryben

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