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Re: Chiropractic

>Has anyone out there used a chiropractor for their horse that was not a
>veterinarian?  The guy I have been using is great and has done wonders
>for my horse, my vets horse and many other friends.  Just found out that
>he was called in for practicing on horses while not being an actual
>vet.  Has anyone had any experience with this.  I really hate losing his
>wonderful work because of this technicality, but can't ask him to break
>any rules and lose his regular people practice.
>Doris Kulp in Maryland

It varies from state to state, but in most cases, the chiropractor is either
a Vet or works with a Vet for legal reasons.... as your chiro is finding
out. I do use, however, a human chiro who works on horses in MA, RI and FL.
Actually, I'm interning w/ him for my MT school requirements. This guy is
great, tells me what's possibly wrong w/ my horse and how I might go about
correcting it (RH is weaker than LH, so he doesn't pick up the R lead under
saddle). But, he can't diagnose my horse or prescribe a fix. Because he's
not a Vet. There's a very fine line in the language and ethics. And that's
the problem that a lot of chiro's and MT's have when working on horses. At
least in my state. NY is even harder. Only a Vet can do any kind of work on
your horse, besides a farrier. No chiro's, no MT's. Nothing. Except for
DVM's who also happen to be chiro's or MT's.
The most your chiro could do is if he still has his license after the
hearing, he could hook up with an area Vet and either get work from DVM
referrals or work out a plan w/ the Vet. It depends on MD laws.
That's my take on the laws, I might be off a little bit on whether or not a
chiro can diagnose equines. Of course, that is the *major* part of the whole

Marlana Pitas (3 more months till I graduate!)  & LL Rheebok (Great! Now she
can work on me more)
South Attleboro, MA

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