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RC: big breeders -Reply


Please help.  There is a farm in Clarksville, Michigan, located approximately an hour between Lansing and Grand Rapids, roughly two hours from the Indiana border.

This was a large breeding establishment for about 4-5 years for Pure Polish race horses.  Some of the horses were crossed with Egyptian and Crabbet lines.  The situation is this:

Two people with alot of money decide to get horses and have fun and make money, so they buy some of the best horses they can afford and decide to raise racing Arabians.  They both aquire their trainers licenses and train horses also.  The couple decide after 4-5 years of this that there isn't that much money in raising racing Arabs, (for them) and that they really don't like each other very much after all.

So man leaves woman with barn of 40+ horses, most of them under three years old and broke to do nothing.  Woman prefers to drink beer more than feed, water, etc. horses and there they sit.  Winter is coming and neither one of the couple want the horses, though the woman will swear to you that she loves them all like her own childern, poor kids.

The divorce decree says the horses gotta go, so in about 25 acres of pasture sit some 40 horses that are waiting.  What they are waiting for is either the killer or someone to take them home.  They are very well bred, however they probably haven't been wormed much in the last few months.  They are not in bad shape, yet, but they aren't in the greatest shape either, nothing a good farrier and worming coul;dn't help.

These are not dogs, they are nice looking animals, but these people haven't a clue how to market them.  If anyone is looking to pick up a decent Endurance prospect, 4-H horse, pet, trail companion etc. for less than $300 (that's what they'll take by now)  please E-mail me directly at or call me at 517-541-8248 (evenings) or (517)886-2436 (days).

Please help, I know there are alot of horses out ther that need homes right now, but these guys are awful nice.

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