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Re: RC: GERA, Part deux (kinda long)

>Hey Howard, 
 Good story. Can I reserve next Friday? 

Hey Howard,
that was sneaky to introduce yourself while I was dashing to the table to
get a peak at everybody else's vets scores on the BC form. :-)  I
mentioned to Danny Herlong that you enjoyed his mule, and he said, "That
must be that fellow with that darned 17 hand horse!!!!"  I was going to
say I hadn't seen Dance Line, but I believe I did.  

Folks....we are told all the time that people have 16 hand horses when
they're really 15.2....I'm here to tell you, I saw that horse and I do
believe he is a TRUE 17, 16.2 at least!  Granted I saw him from a
distance, but he looked like a darned mirage.  
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