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Re: RC: lost dog

for those who wish to know what a cherry eye is:

Basically, if you look at your dogs eyes, on the inside corner there is a 
third eyelid.  It is there for lubrication and protection of the dogs eye 
(cat's have them too).  A cherry eye occurs when the third eyelid protrudes 
out of the eye.  It usually occurs quite suddenly in young dogs, but doesn't 
cause any pain to the dog (the owners tend to get upset!  It is rather ugly)  
It looks like a small cherry is sticking out of the lower part of the 
eye....ugly to look at, but fairly harmless to the dog.  Most people opt to 
have them removed, which is a fairly simple procedure.  At my clinic, we 
sedate the dogs and burn them off with an electric cautery.  Works well, 
leaves no scar, and very little bleeding.

There you go everyone, Cherry eye 101
Juli Bechard (

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