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Re: RC: Re: Tales from 'The Insecure Newbie'

In a message dated 09/02/1999 9:58:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< PS.  Abra, as in abra cadabra?  Magic?  :) >>
Thanks so much.  His name is Abra Fire King and to me he has indeed been 
magic.  I have been battling a chronic illness for several years but when 
Abra came into my life I had a reason to fight harder.  When I started riding 
him he did nothing but walk like an old worn out school horse.  After 5 
months and ever increasing rides we are both in much better shape and happier 
than I have been in years, hopefully he is the same because he was simply 
pasture decoration for about 4 years.  He certainly enjoys being the darling 
of the barn and all the attention he gets.
Proud of him....who me??? LOL
Ellen & Abra (more carrots please)

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