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?? Fitting an OrthoFlex Saddle


I have on loan two Orthoflex saddles to see if they fit my wide backed mare.  
The dealer, who seemed very knowledgeable, said the saddles should be placed 
with the panels extending forward so that they cover the tip of the scapula.  
The leather portion of the saddle is positioned behind the scapula and should 
not impinge  on the shoulder.  She said there would be sufficient flexing of 
the panels so as not to interfere with shoulder action.  I am skeptical..  
Does anyone ride that way with their OF placed that way?  Any soreness?

Second point:  She stated that the pillars that attach the panels to the 
saddles sometimes cause pressure points at the front.  To alleviate this 
problem, she sent another pad to put under the bootie.  Now it seems that if 
there is a pressure point, i.e. dry spot, then the saddle is too narrow and 
more padding won't help. 

 I have not tried either saddle yet and would appreciate input.  One saddle 
is an Endurance Cutback and the other is a Patriot.  The Patriot is the one 
with the extra pad.


Carol Wingate

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