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Re: ?? Fitting an OrthoFlex Saddle

>Second point:  She stated that the pillars that attach the
panels to the >saddles sometimes cause pressure points at
the front.  To alleviate this >problem, she sent another pad
to put under the bootie.  Now it seems that if >there is a
pressure point, i.e. dry spot, then the saddle is too narrow
and >more padding won't help.

I'm hardly an expert but since I went through 19 saddles
before I found one to fit my horse I have looked at a lot!
The pillars that attach the panels are the main reason I
don't like the OF saddles.  It seems to me that they would
always cause a pressure point.  Especially with a
heavyweight rider like myself. >g< But I haven't actually
tried one, I was chicken.
About the dry spots, one of my saddles caused dry spots on
either side of the withers and it was because it was too
wide, not too narrow.  The extra width caused the saddle to
tip forward slightly and make pressure points in front.
Good luck!

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