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want more ride stories!

Teresa Van Hove
Well I had the vet out yesterday to look at Grey's rope burn.  I was not liking the
color of it and the slowness to heal.  He agreed with my feeling that its a bad
one and has me giving tribessen and bute for 5 days and wrapping it with a antibiotic /
hydrocortizone ointment.  He gave me a tube of panalog to start but he says to just mix
neosporin and hydrocortizone cream once the panalog is gone.  Its too $$$ to use panalog
the whole time -it could take 6 weeks to heal (sniff sniff.)  So I must continue to get
my endurance experience vicariously through this list and I want to hear everybodies stories,
the good, the bad and especially the humor.  Hint Hint Howard -I want that part 3!

Grey Moun and (blue) Teresa

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