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Question re: Mariposa ride

Hi, All;
I have a question for those folks who do rides in central California. 
The Mariposa ride was resurrected a year ago, as a 60 and 30, and I
heard various reports via ridecamp as to the extreme difficulty, etc.  I
noticed that this year there were fewer entries, and heard nothing back
other than it might have been even harder than last year.
Soooo, after having a wonderful ride over there today on my new horse, I
am feeling wonderful and am wondering...
IF there was a 50 and 25 in Mariposa, with more do-able terrain, 
perhaps offered in the fall, much more like the ride was in the late
70's and early 80's for those of us who did this back then, would this
be a ride you'd consider?
I'm just feeling very good after a beautiful ride there, and am feeling
very benevolent toward all my fellow ridecampers, wishing to share these
beautiful trails.
Please e-mail me with your thoughts!

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