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Re: Question re: Mariposa ride

hi in reply to your email  about the mariposa ride . i rode it in 98 aand my
girls rode it this year last year it was tough, we rode the 30 mile and we
completed it . it is the most beautiful ride i have been on, but is one
tough mama. this year my girls rode the thirty again,   i thought it would
be thee same as befor so we took a green horse, well you know what thought
did--- they changed the trail they said it was easier but my one daughter
that rode it last year said it was harder this year plus the weather was not
good and a horses suffered from the heat . the 60 milers looked like they
had been to hell and back , the riders at the tevis didnt look as bad. a
more doable would be nice . dont take this wrong the people that put on the
mariposa ride are great people, and it is a very well run ride. plus they
tell you up front that it a ride for conditioned horses and riders , and
this year was double bad because of the weather, put it this way if you get
lucky enough to finish the ride you earned your buckle wear it with pride
because a walk in the park its not-----.  i hope to do it again next year
maybe i wont have a broken hand, i almost rode this year but i was afraid i
would my hand that wasnt completly healed i was really glad i changed my
mind later on that day when pulls started coming in and they looked like
death warmed over. one of my daughters got pulled, the ohter one finished
but she said she would never do it again i never tought i would hear those
words come out of her mouth. she was the one riding the green horse and i
guess she really had a handful of horse when his travel partner got pulled
and they had to finish alone.
pat massey

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