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Guaranteed not to be a hoax. steven

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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 1999 4:40 PM

Dear steven:

(((     VIRUS ALERT - THURSDAY VIRUS (W97M/Thus.A)     )))

W97M/Thurs.A or "Thursday" is a recent virus, discovered on
8/26/99. W97M/Thus.A has been given a HIGH risk assessment
by AVERT, the anti-virus research division of NAI Labs.
Though it spreads through sharing of documents, and
not by automatically emailing itself across networks, it has
achieved a high rate of prevalence very quickly.

The virus carries a potentially destructive payload that will attempt
to delete all files on a user's c: drive on the trigger date of
December 13th. The pattern of reports from multiple financial
institutions around the world in rapid succession suggests the initial
outbreak may have occurred through the distribution of a single
infected document within the financial community.

Users infected with the Thursday virus will see no obvious
indications that a document has been infected. However, because
the virus infects Word 97's, the size of that file will
increase from its normal 27K. In addition, the virus turns off Word
97's Macro Warning feature. If a "clean" document known to
contain macros does not produce the regular warning, this may be
an indication that the system is infected.

<<<<<<<<<<     THURSDAY VIRUS FIXES     >>>>>>>>>>

**** FIND OUT MORE about this virus, go to the THURSDAY
Help Center:

*** CHECK if your system is infected, click here to use
VirusScan Online:

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please click here:

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the VirusScan Maintenance Plan which entitles you to 12
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This Virus Alert has been issued by the Network Associates
Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT).
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Associates, Inc. (NAI).


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