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Re: GERA, Part deux (kinda long)

>Folks....we are told all the time that people have 16 hand horses when
>they're really 15.2....I'm here to tell you, I saw that horse and I do
>believe he is a TRUE 17, 16.2 at least!

A 17h trail horse is an interesting experience, to say the least!!  I took
my 17.2h gelding out to the Les Hilde trails a few times...I took down
SPIDER WEBS that NO ONE had even been near for years!!!  And low hanging
tree branches are fun also!  I got pretty good at laying flat sorta on the
side of the horse to make it under some low hangers. ;-)  Helmets are a
must...and face guards might be a good idea too. <g>

Boy, I sure like these short guys I'm riding now! <bg>

And Howard...thanks again for the entertainment!!

Sue  --- with Blaze (15.1h), Blue (14.3h), Billy (14.3h), Darby (13.3h),
and Sherry (our 16h *easy-keeper* QH (Steve's horse) who, since we don't
have the giant TBs anymore, looks absolutely enormous next to all the short
Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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