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Things are so calm now ... yeah, right....

As a "newbie" to AERC, I am interested in the "old timers" information on
finishing times for 50's & 100's in the beginning of AERC.   The 50's tend
to be finishing in the 4-hour mark at lots of rides and am curious if that
was always the speed or is it getting faster & faster.    

Also, never having ridden "up front" ..... I had just watched a ride (don't
remember which one) .... where the front runners stayed together & the top
2 were separated by fractions ....then, sometimes I see three 2nd place
finishers.   So, when riding together up-front for 50 or 100 mi, do you
discuss who will cross the line 1st or just haul a__ or what ??

Just had back surgery .... out of saddle for a few months & have lots of
time to think & be nosey ... LOVE Ridecamp !!      Be gentle .... no
slamming !!!! haaa          (Remember this is RC, not WWF)

Christy Logan
Gilmer, TX

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