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Help, how do you keep a wrap on?

My horse got into wire two years ago.  I used this exact method of keeping 
the wound wrapped for six weeks in the height of summer.  Jakar was kept 
confined to his corral during that time to keep the dressings dry.  The 
bandages were only changed every four to five days to allow the very deep 
pastern laceration to stew in its own juices.  It smelled very nasty at 
changing time, but healed beautifully.  The scar is still wide and 
hairless, but proud flesh was never an issue.  I started using tea tree oil 
on the scar after it healed-over and it takes off the dead tissue, leaving 
fresh pliable skin.  It took Jakar a year and a half to come back to being 
totally sound at distance again.

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You are on the right track with the vetwrap and duct tape combination.  I
used several layers, first two for cleanliness, second to keep it in place.
1.	Gauze pad
2.	Stretch gauze
3.	Vet wrap.  Being sure to keep it from being too tight, wrapped around
the leg and the hoof, including under the hoof.
4.	Duct tape.  Wrap around the hoof, around the toe an heel and the bottom.
  You can make it pretty thick.  My vet cautioned me to be sure that the
duct tape was not over the coronet band as he said that could cause damage
to this area.  There is a knack to it that I am sure you will develop
easily with experimentation.  These bandages stayed in place very well and
held the gauze in place over the wound.  If the duct tape started to fray
before I was ready to replace the bandage, I reinforced it without needing
to replace the whole wrap.
Good luck and I hope your horse makes a speedy and full recovery.

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