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Re: RE: Help, how do you keep a wrap on?

Title: RE: Help, how do you keep a wrap on?
I had a Arab/Saddlebred that would jump in the wire and cut himself within a couple months of healing from the *last* cut he'd given himself (liked to paw the fence and then would panic).  We used gauze, then vetwrap and wrapped it down over the hoof, then when needed we used an elastic sticky tape that was like an ace bandage with glue on the back, and then put an Easyboot over the vetwrap.  The Easyboot *really* kept the bandage in place for us.  Then we'd change the bandage every other day or so, depending on how oozy the cut was.
We had the same problem it sounds like you have:  the bandage would come loose and rub (which can lead to proudflesh) and the flies would get in it when it got loose.  Ick!
That was the only horse I was really happy to sell.  He was a beauty, but he was crazy as a loon.
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I'm sorry to hear about your accident with the wire!  I believe that Farnam is the maker of a medicated fly repellant ointment called SWAT.  It's pink and is specifically made to repel flies from wounds and is able to protect the skin from "burns" from any serous oozing from the wound.  (The oozing can burn off their hair & even skin as it drains.)  Good stuff.  It is illegal to use during competition, but you two probably won't be competing until it heals.

I have seen a mesh leg wrap, but it ended on the pastern - it might not work if that it here the injury is.

If the SWAT keeps the flies off, I'd be tempted to leave it open to air - it would heal faster.  For those types of wounds, you use bandages for 2 reasons - to keep flies off of it and to absorb blood & drainage.  You may not need the wraps at all.

Otherwise, you can decide to sacrifice her hair on the leg and use bandage tape at the top of the bandage to help keep it up.  To avoid plucking out hair with each change, you can get most of the glue to release using baby oil.  It's a lot of work and only partially successful.

I hope all heals quickly for her.

Linda Flemmer

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Came any one help me? Last week my mare Annie was very baddy cut on the LF pastern on a ride.  <SNIP> I've wraped it with vet wrap ,the whole hoof and lower leg. But with all the dew it crawls up the leg  by morning and the flies are on it!

Tamara and Annie

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